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How to Do Adjusting Entry Homework Answers in Short Time?

by Jul 9, 2017Accounting

This is quite obvious that if you are a student of accountancy, then you must have heard of journal entries, in fact, we will say that you must have also practiced it too because journal entries are one of the basic concepts of accounting subject. A glimpse through adjusting entry homework answers will give you a better idea!

If you know about journal entries, then you must be aware of adjusting entries as well. Adjusting entries are also a part of journal entries typically recorded when an accounting period ends, to assign revenue and expenditures period wise when they really happened. The main prospect of adjusting entries is to match the expenditures of an organization to its income or revenue.

An adjusting entry is particularly required to take a note of the income that has been earned but still not recorded yet and also the cost that has been incurred but still not noted yet.

To make concept of adjusting entry more clear and transparent, let us quote a simple example here for better understanding.


Suppose you are running your own business and you have made an advance payment to a company for taking any service or for any product.As it is an advance payment so it is quite apparent that you must not have received the service or the product yet. Now till you don’t get your products delivered to you, the amount you have paid is an asset. And after your products will get delivered to you, and you get them, you will be supposed to make an adjusting entry to note the expense and also reducing asset amount.

Different kinds of adjusting entries

  • Prepayments

Prepayments as the name depict means that the payment is already made. Prepayment implies that the money has been paid or received before even before utilization.

When the money is paid before utilization, it is called prepaid expense, and when money is received before utilization, it is quoted as unearned revenue. In both these cases,there is acknowledgment of cash before the happening of real transaction.

  • Accrual

Accrual implies that the service or the product has been utilized however the money is still to be paid. When the service has been availed by the firm but still the firm has not paid the commitments for the services, then the circumstances of liability happen. In other case, if the firm has provided the service however the money has not been earned yet. This is also considered as accrual.

  • Estimate

There are certain estimates in business when the actual cost of the expense cannot be dogged, and an entry is made on the basis of estimate only. For e.g. depreciation

  • Inventory

For determining the cost of goods sold in the business.

Are you finding Adjusting entry homework complicated?

Adjusting entry is an interesting topic though it is quite difficult to get a proper hold on this without practicing it regularly. Unless you have an expert tutor to help you out on this topic, it will get a little tedious and time to consume for you, if you will try to do adjusting entries on your own.

We on a personal note will say that adjusting entry is not a very easy subject, but it is not that difficult either. Once you will get a proper understanding of all the concepts then doing adjusting entries will become as simple as ABC.

Now, what is important is that you should get a correct help and guidance from specialists who will help you in adjusting entry homework answers and support you to get a grip over this topic.

To get maximum benefit going for adjusting entry homework answers online help is always recommended. Extraordinary features of online homework help make it popular among students seeking support.

Importance of adjusting entries in financial reports

Adjusting entries are made on the last day of the accounting period. The entire future prospects of the organization depend on these financial reports.

These financial reports can influence the decision-making process of an organization. Hence, there is no scope of mistakes in these financial reports. And most importantly, Adjusting entries should be done perfectly because growth of any organization depends on these financial reports.

Exhibit expertise in adjusting entry homework answers

Looking for someone who can be your tutor cum friend? Or seeking an expert advice on adjusting entry homework answers?

If you want to get a grip over this subject and want someone to teach you adjusting entries, then there is no better option than to get a homework help online.

Adjusting entry homework answers help online is best way because you can get a solution to your problem sitting at comfort of your home also. For parents also it is beneficial because parents can now track the performance of their children which is a little difficult in case of coaching classes unless parents meet with the tutor.

Perks involved in Adjusting entry homework answers help online

  • Thorough understanding

Adjusting entry homework answers help online not only provides solution for your homework but also helps you to grasp the concepts of the topic and gain excellence in this particular topic.

  • Live chat support

Online homework help also awards you opportunity to interact with your tutors directly and ask your doubts and queries through live chat support option available.

  • No need of private tutors

Why paying high fee to private tutors, if you have solution available online? Adjusting entry homework answers online help is an affordable replacement for private tutors who demand high fee from students.

  • Regular evaluation

Online homework help not only imparts education but also assess the knowledge of students that what they have learned so far. After completion of every topic, students are supposed to perform assessment tests to know where they stand.

With the advancement of technology, it has now become easy to get solutions in just one click that is why online homework help has been introduced to ease the process of learning and in fact making it fun also. So, learning gets interesting when you go for online homework help.