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How to Develop Interest in Social Studies at Elementary Level?

by Nov 8, 2016Assignment Help

Social Studiesis a subject that later goes on to divide into History and Geography and it is more interesting to children than any other which is precisely why children tend to like Social studies in the earlier years. What is important, however, is to develop the right kind of interest in them so as to keep them hooked to it, forever.
History is one subject that deals with the chronicles of the rulers and our past and children need to understand the importance of it to actually come to love it. Similarly, Geography in the early classes tends to teach kids about the lifestyle of the people of the country and other countries and their location in the world map and more.
Why is it important to fall in love with Social Studies?
Well, the fact remains that regardless of which subject you are teaching or studying the matter. It has to be made sure that you teach in a way that children are intrigued because if something does not interest them, the chances are that they will definitely not study them with as much dedication as they would otherwise have.
For children to feel interested in the subject and love it, you have to take the necessary steps and try and do such things and include such kinds of teachings as would make children love the subject all the more and try and study it religiously with sincerity.
You have to incorporate such aspects of study in your lessons to bring interest and keep them hooked unless they are prone to drift away. As this will force you to get bored of what you’re studying and that is something that we absolutely do not wish to happen.
What should you as a teacher do to make the concept of Social studies interesting for elementary school children?
Elementary school children, as it is are very small and in their age, to capture their attention is really difficult and to keep them interested in one thing is even more difficult which is why you must proceed with caution.
You must start teaching keeping in mind their likes dislikes and their senses strength because this goes on to impact the interest of students in more ways than one.
How to develop aninterest in Social Studies at elementary level?
There are numerous ways to build interest in the minds of students for social studies but the most effective ones which can never go wrong have been listed below.

  1. Do not just follow the textbooks when it comes to Social Studies
  • Social Studiesis a subject where you need to break from the conventional method of teaching merely from the textbooks and incorporate elements from magazines and articles too.
  • This incorporation has to keep in mind. The mindset of children of elementary level is to take attention on this subject.
  • This will not only interest your students but also keep them from getting bored from the mundane textbook language and the same information that is bound to make them sleepy.
  1. Bring the historical situation to life using the other senses used for teaching
  • Whenever you teach something about war or something related to history which is thrilling, you must recite it in a way that children are able tovisualize the situation.
  • You must use various sounds and narrate the event in a manner as if it were an incident that you saw happen.
  • Once children are able tovisualize the picture of the event, there is no stopping them from getting interested in the subject or forgetting the event in any way.
  1. Make your students the boss
  • The fact is that you are the boss of the class, but for the sake of developing aninterest in children, you have to make them think that they’re the boss in the class.
  • Before starting any chapter, give them options as to which chapter they wish to learn. This is turn will not only help you cover all the topics one by one but also do so in the order of their own
  • This surrendering of your wishes for your students will definitely be appreciated and they will surely work hard and get interested in the subject.
  1. Conduct fancy dress competitions and skits
  • The conduction of fancy dress competition and skits will not only bring a fun element in the mundane social studies classes but also give something for children to look forward to.
  • The fancy dress competitions can incorporate the accent and dressing of every state of the country.
  • The skits, on the other hand, can be used to enact various historical events in an interesting and fun manner.
  • This is sure to keep children interested for a long time.
  1. Recreate history to make children understand situations better
  • When children have to deal with heavy descriptions in History, it does become a task but to make it interesting for them, you can always help them act it out.
  • For example, if you’re talking about Hitler’s invasion of Poland, you can always chalk out two circles which stand for Poland and Germany and then make one student play the role of Hitler and invade Poland.
  • You can even explain the circumstances to students by using the skills to make them visualize
  • This will help them understand things better.
  1. Render solutions to Historical problems
  • When it comes to making Social studies interesting, another important way is to tell the students the alternative that might have been done instead of the historical blunder that actually took place so as to make them understand the enormity of the blunder in its entirety.
  • When you offer a solution to a Historical blunder or solution and then explain both scenarios to students, they are more prone to remember that than they would if you simply read it out.
  • These go on to develop aninterest in the minds of students.
  1. Use pictures and movies to keep them interested
  • If you’re teaching your students about a particular Historical event or topic that is extremely drab or boring, you can always do so with the help of real pictures and movies if there are any.
  • When you show them movies of the events, they are bound to be excited and will study about it more than they would study about any other topic.
  • The pictures again will drive them to think harder and love the subject and the chapters better.
  • This is why you must not learn Social Studies just by reading the chapters out.

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