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How to Decide What Career One Should Choose?

by Nov 6, 2016Homework Help

Every young student faces this problem after they finish school – what career should I choose? For some students, it is an easy decision to make as they have been planning for it since their high school. However, there are plenty of young adults who are not quite sure about their careers as soon as they complete their school life.
Choosing a career path for oneself is certainly an important and life changing decision to make at a young age. Opting for a particular career path can determine the future of a young student, and define his or her entire life. Hence, many students find this process a bit stressful and can easily panic under difficult circumstances.
How to get started on to choose a career?
So, what can you do to make this decision a little less stressful on yourself? Well, here are a few tips that can get you started on the right path to make a decision on your career choice:

  • Consider providing enough time to make this type of life altering decisions. Do not take any action in haste.
  • Devout a satisfactory introspection to your abilities and talent before making a career choice.
  • Gather ample information about different fields or careers which interest you to aid your decision.
  • Seek any or all types of online professional help which will provide you with different perspectives on career choices.

How to evaluate your work style?
Before you dive into the extensive details of your career choice, it is always beneficial to choose the best direction that suits your work style. What is work style? Well, it is simply the way you go on about your work, primarily your studies. People need different environments for studying, and it may not always be the same.
Hence it is very important to decide what type of style suits you the best so that you can move into the bare details of the proper career. Many like to work on their own, defining a set list of goals for themselves without external restrictions.
For them, choosing a career as a self-starter is much easier than those who require a disciplined environment and structure for working. So, you should start by honestly evaluating your rhythm and working style as it would make the following decisions much easier:

  • Whether you are self-sufficient enough to work freely without any supervision or not
  • Whether you require a conventional working environment with fixed scheduling or not
  • Whether you might go into a rewarding career that enriches your hobby like being an artist or a musician

Managing the financial expectations of a career
It is one thing to decide on a career choice, but actuallyrealizing the consequences of going in that direction is a different matter altogether. The very first thing that you should keep in mind is the financial structure associated with your career choice.
You should always start by setting a financial goal for yourself in the future. For example, you should keep a mental note of how much you should be earning by the time you are 5 years into your career. This will make choosing a career much easier.
It is pretty obvious that you might have to make certain compromises along the way. However setting a fixed and proper financial goal for yourself will not only define your career path, but it will also motivate you to do well in your career.
Estimating the expenses for future education
If you are planning to continue your education after school or college before you dive into a career, then it is very important that you calculate how much are you spending on your education. This way of planning has a lot of advantages in the long run. What are they? Let’s see:

  • You get to evaluate whether you have to take any student loans for your higher education or not.
  • You get to estimate whether the career option you are choosing can help you repay those loans or not.
  • If you have to repay your loans, you need to evaluate how many years will it take for you to do so, and if your plan is a feasible one or not.
  • You can start looking at different public service options or even part time jobs that will help you cover college expenses.

Assessing the social dynamics of your career
The workplace is a very important and significant portion of your adult life. It actually constitutes about one-third of your adult social life. So it is quite natural that your preferred career choice has to agree with your social life.
You are going to spend quite a lot of time with your colleagues, so it is imperative that you are comfortable in your future workplace. You need to assess for yourself how you are in a social environment, and whether your preferred career will emulate your social skills properly.
For example, if you are an introvert who is not a very good social fit, then you would certainly have problems being in a marketing career where you are required to talk to a lot of people, most of whom are complete strangers.
Plan out your schooling properly
If you are looking to choose a career path based on your schooling, then it is very important that you plan out which courses to take in your undergraduate college. Choosing the proper courses will define your learning curve, and make you eligible for the career of your choice.
Always maintain a proper curriculum with your courses, and focus on regular attendance and intuitive homework. If you need any help figuring out how to be attentive during lectures or be patient with your homework, you can look into “Homework is boring. Use these 5 tips to change this statement” for a better perspective and important suggestions.
Be patient with yourself
Finally, you should always remember that patience is the key to success. Finding the best career option for oneself is actually a process and not a singular event, so be prepared to receive some initial setback.
Even though you might start off at an entry level job, it does not mean that it will define your whole career. Always focus on climbing the ladder to your dream job and/orcareer, and you will be content when you finally achieve it!