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How to Create Fun and Interesting Physics Classes?

by Aug 28, 2016Physics

What is physics?
Physics is that branch of science that involves the study of matter and traces the motion of the matter in different intervals of time and space. Also, it traces the force with which the matter moves and the energy released when the matter moves with such speed. So, in short, Physics revolves all around the life of matter. But before studying Physics what one should remember is that this subject not just the tracing of the life of any matter, it is the subject which traces the life of every kind of matter in the universe and gives us a more elaborate idea of how the universe works.
Why is physics an important subject?
Physics is an important sphere of education because it deals with the way the universe behaves and brings to our notice, the way nature behaves, every bit of it. It is not just important academically but also applicable to practical life where you can find a story behind every object and easily relate to every phenomenon with a kind of fondness that won’t be possible without loving the subject in the true sense.
It is often seen that people generally don’t like the subject much.  I, for one, dislike the subject with my whole heart. But that isn’t because Physics isn’t an interesting subject it is because the people who have guided me haven’t opted for an interesting approach towards the subject. I’m not a person who loves mugging things up unless it interests me and Physics were just the opposite of what I liked. It did not challenge me; it bored me. You know why? It’s because I haven’t explored Physics with as much interest and curiosity as I should have. But you don’t have to worry about hating Physics because of the lack of interesting guidance because we will provide you with enough guidance to last a lifetime.
How to make the physics classes fun and interesting?
The first trick to make the Physics classes fun and interesting is to sit down and think what would interest you if you were a novice at the subject and took an approach in that manner. Would you like to start learning Physics by learning the definition of matter? I’m sure you won’t and this is why here we are, trying to help you explore the real subject as a whole. These are the following things that you should do if you wish to make the study of Physics more interesting than it actually is:
First and foremost, if you are a teacher and you love Physics and cannot grasp why others can’t see the beauty of Physics then adopt an approach that will make the students see exactly what you see in Physics and make them grow to love the subject too.
Secondly, if you are a student and you wish to try and love the subject then read the evolution of Physics, the history of Physics that is.
Thirdly, when both the student and the teacher have understood the importance of not learning the bookish language only, indulge in detailed discussions about Physics, the relevance of Physics in Practical life and its capacity to change the way you look at things.
Why is it necessary to make the physics classes fun and interesting?
Unless you know the basics of Physics, learning the definitions or mugging up the whole book won’t help. If you only abide by the rules laid down in the book, you will merely exhibit the eccentricity of a scholar and that is simply not acceptable. Even Bacon had refuted this tendency in his time. Physics is not just about the complicated explanations of the working of the universe and every particle that it is made of.
While teaching Physics the first thing that the teacher should keep in mind is that the students are novices who have no idea about the subject and for those who have no idea about the subject, it is best to start teaching with examples from practical life. Also, making the bookish language interesting and then stating them won’t help because everybody can do that. What they should do is acquaint the students with the challenges that Physics would bring them face to face with and also make them realize that Physics isn’t fun in itself. What is fun in Physics is the fact that you have the scope to find things out and find out how various things work on your own accord. What can be more interesting than that? Also, without any special approach, Physics books are bound to remain sprawled over the study table untouched by every student.
Can physics be termed as remotely fun?
Fun has a different definition for everybody. For some, fun is in reading stories whereas for others fun is in creating stories. Physics, however, when mold, can fall into both the categories. Physics, when read and understood as a story with plot twists and irony and with the motive of the quest for truth, is way more interesting than any other story. And this way, you might even score better than you have in the past. Whereas, if you are one whose fun lies in creating stories, Physics can help you with that. Physics hurls you with all kinds of challenges and the fun and thrill of it lie in winning them.
So, physics isn’t that bad, right?
Right! Physics is nowhere close to bad and with the newfound invention of the internet connection in the last century, Physics is more fun than it could ever be. You know why? It is because even when you have grumpy teachers who ‘recite’ Physics in a way that makes you want to straight out yawn and sleep, the internet gives you opportunities to study Physics in a more interesting way than it was ever possible in the past. Especially with online assignment making sites coming to your rescue with expert professionals in all subjects that there are and helping you with solving all your problems and explaining to you all the complications of Physics with utmost practicality and fun, Physics can nowhere be as boring as it used to be.
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