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How to Complete Your Homework With Illegal and Legal Ways and What Are the Consequences?

by Aug 22, 2016Homework Help

Homework is the most annoyed and irritating stuff that most of the students face in nowadays. It is also true that after a hectic schedule of 7-9 hours in school it become really difficult to sit for the homework. This is the sole reason for which you gave searched for the tricks to complete the homework without hard work. You will get some ideas for sure that how you can complete your homework by putting less effort but always remember that you can’t get success in sphere of your life shortcuts. Most of the students are so annoyed with homework that often they have are found speaking:
“Even when I have nothing to do, I still won’t do my homework.”
Let’s consider homework from another perspective. Don’t you think that doing homework is a real fun? I would love to see the expression on your face right now. But yes seriously think if doing homework gives you joy then what would be scenario? For that, you have to make a regular habit of revising your lessons taught on that very day. Along with that also make sure that you keep on writing all the facts and answers in a notebook. Now see if you practice this habit on regular basis then doing homework will not be much annoying to you. Isn’t it?
Now let’s directly come to the point about the tricks to complete the homework. See you can complete your homework either by some illegal manners or through hard work. In this section, the readers will get to know about both the processes along with their consequences. So start with the illegal or shortcuts.

  • Take help from your kins

You must be having other family members in your place so try to convince your elder kins in to complete your homework. Doing this will barred you from getting involved in the process. I would rather say that it is one of the best practices through which you can easily complete your homework without any hard work.

  • Pursue your friend to get his/her notebook

This is considered as a proven trick to complete your homework without any hard work as it is already done by your friend. But don’t you feel ashamed of yourself after copying the entire homework from the notebook of your friend. Think once that while you were having fun on the internet and in other social media, your friend was giving his/her 100% in completing the homework. Don’t you feel that how selfish you are? Let it be right because you are here to get the tricks to complete your homework.

  • Give money to someone who can complete your homework

This mightbe bit difficult for the student as they have to invest money. What they can do is they can hire someone who can complete their homework. There are some people who are intelligent and also pursue the will of education, but they cannot avail it because of lack of financial support. Yes you can definitely take the advantage of their financial instability being so selfish.
Don’t you think that you will be hurting the sentiments of that person because he is already financially challenged and apart from that you are hiring him for doing homework? There are lots of examples of this incident but who cares right? You will not do hard work for your homework and for that let it worth anything.

  • Blackmail your elder brother or sister

Students having elder brother or sister have an extra added advantage as they can easily do their homework by taking help from the. First of all, you have to ask them for the homework, and it is obvious being a wise person they will deny. But then you can start putting pressure on them by telling that you will disclose any of their top secrets.
So these are some of the illegal or tricks or shortcuts whatever it may be to complete the homework without any hard work. But did you notice that for every single trick you will be hurting someone, or you are misusing your resources? I will leave this question up to you. Think and think!
What would be the consequences of these tricks?
Remember one thing always that shortcuts are always worthy. The worst thing a student can face by applying these tricks is that he/she will lose respect. Apart from that, the student will also get very low marks in the exams as there will be no one to sit in the exam in place of them. It is also true that the student will lack basics of that particular topic, lesson or chapter and thus he will fail to answer to the queries.
Homework isactually intended for theoverall growth of the student in positivedirection, but these tricks will never help you get good grades in your exams or semesters. Homework not only helps the students to clear their doubts and confusion regarding that particular lesson, but it also helps in pre-revising before exams. Have you ever thought that if your teacher comes to know about your tricks, then you can be rusticated from the school or from the institution?
Next, in this post, the readers will get to know about the logical or usual ways of doing homework. It may involve hard work up to some extent but remember as I said earlier that everything has its worth.

  • Try to make a proper homework planner

You cannot start doing homework all of a sudden. There are some basic criterions to complete them. Try to maintain a planner in which you will note down all the homework along with their requirements. Also, mention the difficulties related to that subject. By doing this, you will see that you can do your homework with ease.

  • Go through the instruction of your teacher

It is usually said that follow the leader so always try to follow your teacher’s instruction given by him/her in the class. Try to focus more on the lesson given by your teacher and take notes of every single and minute detail. Then you will see that while you are down for your homework it is no more annoying, and you don’t have to put extra efforts as you are well aware of the topic.

  • Try to relate it with practical or real examples

Doing homework with real life examples is always fun. Suppose you are doing problem solving of national income (NY), so try to relate it with real calculation. So will see that the figures will enthrallyou, and it will also help you to complete your homework in logical and legal manner.

  • Make a group of study mates and then work on your homework

Group study is one of the best practices to clear the doubts and knowing new things as all the members will be having different set of mind and ideas. If you also been in such practice, then you will automatically give your 100% for your homework. In addition, the work will be different and unique from each other as different ideas are applied by each student.

  • You can take help from online homework help companies

There are several companies available in the market to help you regarding the assignments. The experts of online homework help companies are proficient with their subject and will deliver the best possible answers for your homework. So you can also consider this as a vital option.
Consequences of doing homework with hard work:

  • The best thing you will have for doing homework with hard work is that all your doubts will be cleared regarding the chapter because solving the problems itself indicates that you have understood the lesson well.
  • The nest thing that you will face that your teacher will appreciate your attempt for doing something new. And it is possible because of the group study.
  • Hard work given by you will help you to learn the basics of the chapter until the last of your academic session and then only light revision will be sufficient.
  • You will also feel positive and good because you will not be taking help of anyone for completing your homework.
  • If you make a habit of this practice regularly, then you don’t have to worry about the extra hours for your homework. Because on that time, you will fulfill both the purpose of doing homework and getting the lesson clear in your mind.

I would like to mention a real incident which happened with my friend when we were in school. Once he copied the entire biology homework from my notebook, and the teacher came to know the truth. He (teacher) started asking question about the subject, but he failed to answer a single question because he copied from my notebook.
Finally, he got 0 in the assignments and was suspended for 3 days from the school. This incident taught me a lesson that never copy from anyone. If you are not competent enough then try to do it how you know but never try to imitate the work of others. It is also applicable in other fields also.
Finally, the ball is in your court that what you will do, whether to do homework with hard work and you will apply tricks on them? You know the consequences as well, so the decision is in your hand.
“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”
Albert Einstein