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How to Be Motivated to Do Homework: 5 Step Solutions!

by Jul 28, 2018Homework Solution

“I spend an hour every day whining about homework. My school’s ruining my life!”
Does that sound like you? I’ll bet it does or you wouldn’t be on the internet googling for motivation instead of watching cat videos or conspiracy theories on Youtube!
I was waiting for a friend in a park this weekend when I couldn’t help eavesdropping into the conversation between two friends. They both agreed that homework sucks, and so did I, internally.  But I also wondered what’s the point of whining because it surely doesn’t get you anywhere!
Instead of whining an hour every day, if you focused on your homework, you’d be done with it without losing your peace and calm! So today I’m going to tell you how to be motivated to do homework!

  • How to be motivated to do homework Step #1: one thing at a time:

“OMG I have so much to do I’ll never finish this in time!!!”
Oh, but you will! The key is to not go into panic mode right at the start! What you need is a plan and everything else will fall into place of its own accord. Perhaps you can start by charting a routine for yourself. A routine that won’t be a burden but will be a fair deal.
First off, take a few hours off after school, because every person is too tired to do homework after school. Do whatever you feel like during those hours, rest a little or watch a movie or go out cycling. Forget about the homework during these hours. Next, save a slot of 2 hours for the homework. You know your engagements for the day, so you can plan the routine accordingly. During these hours allotted for homework, stay focused and you’ll probably be done before you know it!
Once you start working, break the homework into parts. Focus on only one part at a time. Work on it, conquer, and move on to the next. When you look at it as small pieces instead of a gigantic whole, it becomes easier to deal with.

  • How to be motivated to do homework Step #2: away with distractions!

If you sit and consider objectively why it usually takes you an eternity to solve a basic assignment, you’ll see it’s because you spend more time on your phone than you do on your homework! A friend pinging you on WhatsApp, a notification from Facebook or an itch in your fingers to scroll through Instagram – and well there goes your focus!
These are precisely the moments when you’ll witness how relative time is! Spend a minute on Facebook and you’ll find you’ve lost an hour from your homework schedule!
So away with that blasted phone (and laptop, tab, iPad – whatever you’ve got!) while you are working on your homework. You can make love to it once you’re done.

  • How to be motivated to do homework Step #3: what am I gonna gain?

When you mention homework and your mind goes “ugghhhh” ask yourself, “what am I gonna gain?” Yeah, it’s time for that famous pep talk. Frankly, none of us like to waste time on meaningless drudgery, but the work becomes a lot more interesting when there is a purpose to it!
If you complete the homework on time, and if you do it well, you will win the favor of teachers which can take you a long way. Being the teachers’ favorite never hurt anyone (unless you’re the rat, never be the rat!)! The homework will probably help you to score good grades which will only advance your career and benefit you in the long run.
Even if you forget about all these, the important thing remains: You learn something new, you become capable of solving problems on your own, you grow as a person. Knowledge indeed is power in this world, the kind of power that can make the world a better place! So why not be the Supernerd?

  • How to be motivated to do homework Step #4: perks and recreations:

Working at a stretch numbs the minds and we’ve all been on the verge of tears while trying to solve assignments that refuse to be solved. So hey, don’t stress yourself out okay! Homework is not worth losing your sanity over.
Take it easy, give yourself breaks and set incentives. The mind always works better when it can look forward to immediate rewards! For every 40 minutes of studying, you can take a 5 minutes’ break! Leave the room, stretch yourself, drink water, may be eat a snack. Music works best if you are trying to overcome homework fatigue. But make sure the break does not turn into a holiday!
As for rewards, plan to watch a movie once you complete all the work. You know your mind best. Give it rewards it can be excited about! That way your day won’t be all about the homework and you’ll have good things to look forward to once you’re done!

  • How to be motivated to do homework step #5: follow deadlines

Even when the phone and laptop are away, you might still find yourself admiring the wall just to avoid working. That’s the procrastinator in you taking the lead. Don’t let that self win. Since you have broken down your homework into parts now, you can allow a maximum time limit for each part. Try to finish the work at that time.
Once you find yourself meeting the deadlines, you’ll grow confident about yourself. Make the whole thing a challenge and you’ll see how the mind likes to win!
How to be motivated to do homework: an overview!
So now you know how to focus on the work at hand. Try these policies and I promise the homework will seize to be a burden. It’s not that hard unless you make it so by overthinking!

  • Plan the thing ahead, break it into parts
  • Keep away all distractions like phones and laptops
  • Keep your eyes on the achievements
  • Give yourself breaks and rewards for doing the work right
  • Work with a deadline in mind.

Apart from all these, you may try meditating for 10 minutes everyday. It’s sure to improve your ability to focus and your attention span.So now that you know how to be motivated to do homework, good luck with the assignments! Trust me, you got this!