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How to Avoid Trouble without Making a Monster Ate My Homework Excuse

by Apr 20, 2017Homework Help

In general, homework is not a fun thing to do. However, it is a common requirement that has a significant impact on your grades. If you want to do extremely well in the class, it is essential that you must do your homework. You must be thinking what will happen in case you forgot to finish your homework? Stop thinking what will happen as you have a few options to deal with this situation.

The best and the first, option are undoubtedly not to forget your assignment and to do it as soon as possible instead of making unusual excuses like a monster ate my homework. However, if this one is not an option for you then stop panicking you have a few other options available for you try them and get out of this scrape. To know what these options are just going through this entire discussion carefully.

Speak the truth

In many cases instead of making excuses like a monster ate my homework being direct and honest is considered as the best solution for getting out of this situation. Speaking truth shows that you respect your teacher and don’t want to disrespect and mislead them with a fake story. This also indicates that you are willing to take responsibility and you are ready to own up.

  • Explain the reason for not doing your homework –

There may be some reason why you didn’t do your work. May be you get home late, or you forgot the assignment or fall asleep and others. Instead of sugar coating, your reasons use some discretion and don’t be overly specific just keep it general.

  • Be sure it won’t happen again and make sure it won’t –

You must make your teacher understand that you will be very careful from now and it won’t happen again as it was a rare case of you falling on your responsibility. It is important that you must keep your words if you make it a habit your teacher become less understanding to your apologies and stop believing your excuses such as a monster ate my homework.

  • Ask for more time –

The best option is to ask for more time to finish your assignment. There are possibilities that your teacher will grant you an extension for completing your work. May be they won’t penalize or punish you for submitting it after the original deadline.

  • Don’t be ungrateful or gripe about for partial credit – if you act like this your teacher will be less likely to give you such opportunity in future.

Explain that you tried but can’t understand that

Explain to your teacher that you worked hard to finish your assignment, but you couldn’t finish it because you are unable to understand the assignment. This kind of excuse is much better than excuses like a monster ate my homework as it has virtue. It makes your teacher think that you tried at least to do your work.

It seems to be a reasonable cause for not handing over your homework. At the same time, you are getting a chance to ask your teacher for helping you in finishing your assignment. This will assist you in buying time for completing your assignment as well as one – on –one homework help from your teacher as well.

Don’t be obvious

If things are not working for you and it will become essential for you to come up with an excuse to avoid getting into trouble for not completing your assignment then most important thing is not challenge the intelligence of your teachers. They are sharp enough to catch you when you are making excuses because you are not the first one to forget homework and making excuses for getting out of the situation.

Your teacher must have heard a lot more excuses than the number of days you have seen in your life. It is important to avoid being obvious and come up with a lame excuse. It will possibly make the situation worse for you.

Be creative

Even if you have to make an excuse to avoid getting in trouble with your assignment, you have to come up with an original excuse. It will help you in convincing your teacher that you are speaking the truth not making any excuse. Sometimes you can get out even though you are caught making excuses by the teacher because you made an amusing excuse like a monster ate my homework.

It is hard to believe that something like this can ever happen teacher yet will be amused with the story you have created just to protect yourself from getting punished because of unfinished homework.

Lastly, instead of making excuses or wasting your time on thinking about stories like monsters attacked your room and a monster ate my homework that you have just finished. Try to make a homework schedules so, that you won’t forget to do your homework or to complete it on time. Even if you find it difficult then, you can opt for online professional help for finishing your work.