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How School Assignment Burden Is Changing Student’s Life?

by Aug 22, 2016Homework Solution

It is said that time is the greatest enemy of human. In this informative world, where we completely rely on technology which is constantly changing it is difficult to cope up with varied activities of life. Where adults are trying hard to manage their hectic schedule, students are also battling to find time to do their homework and other recreational activities. While managing with different activities often found that children or teenagers fail to maintain health. Though, homework does not promote any academic achievement, but still it is an age-old technique followed in schools and colleges.

What is actually homework? Many define it as a supplement to do classroom studies at home that is taught on the same day. “With homework, school prepares students for overtime. With reports, it prepares them for payday.” But, the question remains whether homework is really a need! Though it can be a proven technique to reinforce skills, concepts and information, but assigning students with too much home task would never contribute any benefit in students’ life.

Categorizing homework!

Teachers would probably categorize homework in three different ways and the purpose might be to:

  1. Prepare students for next session.
  2. Help them understand concepts better through proper research at home and make an addition to lesson.
  3. Allowing in adopting new skills.

Homework has never been an issue, but overburdening students with excessive amount of home task is a serious concern! Teachers believe that giving home task to students will keep them busy while students’ evoke a sense of punishment that leads them to stress.

Sometimes, teens and kids are assigned with task as there is not enough time to manage the course within stipulated time in schools. But, homework should not consume too much of time of any students. Let’s say, that the school authority should take up a decision that students need to be allotted with minimal amount of home task that can easily be managed within an hour. This would give enough time for students to manage their personal life as well as get involved into any other recreational activities.

Negative impact of homework burden

  1. No social interactions!

Anyone who needs to manage too much homework would have time restrictions which is why they hardly find time to interact with any other. But, socializing is very much important is one’s life! It allows learning impulse control, developing social skills and at the same time helps in promoting conflict management. It is found that overall development of children is affected due to too much homework which restricts them from social interaction.

  1. Life balance gets affected

Having too much of homework will certainly disturb the balance of life which can create an impact on circadian rhythm. Due to excessive homework, students need to cut down the time which is usually used to relax and sleep. Having less amount of sleep and relaxation time will definitely have a bad impact on cognitive ability.

  1. Active learning is hampered!

Don’t you think that more than doing homework, it is important to participate in active learning? Through such learning technique it is easier for students to develop problem solving ability. Through homework it is absolutely not possible to get such opportunities. Imagination, building of intuition and problem solving skills can easily be developed.

  1. Not so very productive!

Years of research proves that there is little relation between homework and academic success. So, it is recommended that students should be given 10 minutes of work for every grade to achieve best results. Anything that goes beyond this limit would be considered to be excessive and can have negative impact on students’ life.

Dealing with excessive homework!

Identifying the problem with homework is not enough. Too excessive home task can create a negative impact in students’ life, but it is necessary to find ways to deal with it.

Whenever you forget your homework at school: 6 awesome tricks to extend the deadline! Mostly, students forget it because of stress that becomes unbearable at certain point. But once you know the way to deal it, there is a chance to stay calm and relaxed.

  • Inform your teacher:

There are teachers who would find out time to listen to your problem and if they genuinely feel you are overburdened in class, they will take some measures to reduce stress. It is useless to spend sleepless night doing homework as this won’t bring up any fruitful results. Teachers knowing the fact will never pressurize you to involve in such activity.

  • Set up a relaxing atmosphere!

It is necessary to have a relaxed atmosphere while avoiding any kind of conflict with homework. Students should have the flexibility to choose their first piece of subject and complete work as soon as possible. Having distractions while doing home task can certainly affect your concentration level and you might feel the stress of unable to match up with limited time period.

  • Think of homework help!

It is quite possible that parents would not find sufficient time to offer proper attention in dealing with child’s needs. Therefore, it becomes obvious to seek for professional help who can assist students in doing their academic work easily. Through tutor it is possible to know subject well and learn about different tricks through which subject can be tackled well.

“There are thousands of causes for stress, and one antidote to stress is self-expression. That’s what happens to me every day.”- Garson Kanin

Homework can be said to be beneficial as it helps to stimulate the brain. It also helps student to stay disciplined in life and evoke a sense of responsibility. But, what is quite distributing is the fact that students are over-loaded with homework which becomes unmanageable and often found students forget to complete work within stipulated time. Having a group of students who can indulge themselves into home task would be a good way to grasp up knowledge as well as handle homework easily. A group study is highly beneficial as it helps in sharing of ideas and implementation of skills in different aspects.