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How Nature Inspired Engineering? Find Out!

by Oct 1, 2016Homework Solution

It is the application of scientific knowledge which is used to solve real world problems. This subject contains physics, chemistry and biology which help us to understand about the universe. Engineers try to use their knowledge in designing along with problem solving and making things. All the devices which we are using today are gifted by the engineers which they have made from plastic, silicon and metal. Engineers by their innovation and experiment part are able to succeed and take out many things from the nature which acts as an inspiration source for them.
They are known to solve the complex problem along with arriving at cost effective solutions. They convert their study in practical way by doing so many innovations along with experiments in this field. Their main skills are related to rational thinking along with making logical decision which comes from math and science background.
They are taking the best use of computers for designing and creating innovative ideas. There are different fields in engineering which will cover chemical along with civil and mechanical one. Before moving student should understand the basic of engineering.
How Nature inspired Engineering?
Today engineers are taking inspiration from the nature where they have find out many things provided to us by nature. It gave so many developments which are incredible in nature.  They have find out many things related to photosynthesis in plants which is related to other main developments done by the engineers.
They have also used leaf from the books and then converted into some medicines or other innovations that are done for the goodness of human being.
Things which are taken from nature

  • Skin of the shark

Shark skin is useful as it contains sleek scales and is made up of such material which is known by the name as Dentin. Shark skin is used to prevent barnacles along with reducing the main problem of Bio-fouling. They have also found that their skin is made up of silicon elastic which overcomes the main problem of Bio-fouling founded in today’s era.

  • Velcro

You can find this material right from clothing till children shoes. It was founded by Swiss engineer from the plants burr. They kept this substance under microscope and then stated about the substance that it contains tiny hooks which are more than hundred that can easily stick to hairs or clothes. Then after he developed the material which is known by the name as Velcro. In simple words its main meaning is velvet hook of the clothing and shoes.

  • Gecko’s grip

Geckos can walk easily on walls along with ceiling because their feet are having such type of substance which contains projections clump thinner in nature which will help them to stick with the wall. With this type of substance engineers has made different types of medical devices along with climbing equipments.

  • Spider silk

Silk of the spider is also found to be more effective in nature which is considered the strongest material. They are stretchy and lightweight which is used to stick them into any place. From this silk scientist has created  medical product  which is known as flexible tape  which can easily peeled up off the wound without creating any kind of problem to the tissues which are there in underneath. This sticky material is also used for attaching different kinds of tubes of newborn baby whose skin is very delicatein nature

  • Parasitic worm

This worm has led into the development of surgical technique. This is used for skin grafts which is one of the best solutions from nature side. Researchers have designed a special kind of needle known by the name as micro needle. This is used to treat different kinds of wounds along with injuries which are due to spiny headed worm.

  • Moloch horrid us

This creature is having the special quality of collecting water from its channels into its skin. At night, when air cools, dew collected on its skin which is pulled to his mouth with the help of capillary action. Scientist has used them for providing clean and fresh water with the help of their passive system, which helps in collecting and distributing distilled water.

  • Solar energy

This is one the best thing which engineers have taken from nature which is cost effective in nature.  It is light and heat from the sun which are used by the scientists in many technologies including solar heating along with solar thermal energy. This is an important source of renewable energy which can be used again and again for many uses.

  • Hydroelectricity

Thisis also one of the best gifts which engineers have taken from nature that is water.  This electricity is known as hydropower electricity which is generated by flowing water. There is the special device known as turbines which is used to coverts the kinetic energy derived from flowing water into mechanical energy.
After that generator used to converts the energy this mechanical energy into electrical energy which is used in the form of electricity. Not only this scientist has also found different way for producing electricity where they are using coal along with potatoes for this.

  • Medicines

This is also one of the best examples which nature has provided us. Scientists are doing different research in finding out the natural things like leaf or other things which will use by them for the production of medicines.  Without nature it is not possible as where everyone engaged in doing the task.
Thus we can say that there are different kinds of things which nature has given us. Apart from that we are living in natural world where everything we are using is related to nature. Right from the vegetables till our luxury living is the part of the nature.For better understanding of the same, students can take online academic help to make everything clear.
No one can think life without nature as everyone is getting everything from nature itself. Right from the solar energy along with medicine part which nature has provided to us.