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How Much Are the Students Comfortable with Their Homework?

by Aug 28, 2016Homework Help

The word ‘Homework’ is as important for our academic career as proper nutrition is for our health and every student should be aware of that. Not only studentsbut also all the persons attached to this academic world should have knowledge of this.We people are connected to some sort of work or the other on the basis of our social status and position.How much you are comfortable with the work and your passion for it determines the quality of that work. The work assigned to student community is studying and doing their homework.So, what they feel about their homework is very important.
How much comfortable a student can take their homework depends on their individuality, teaching capacities of their teachers, helping attitude of their parents and efficiency of tutors.But still most students do not feel very comfortable with their homework. Many of them hate this concept of homework. In fact, homework is one of the major reasons for thecold teacher-student as well as parent-child conflicts.It is a controversial matter whether such anirritating idea of homework should be made obsolete or not.
Some evidences
On average if we ask a student whether he or she is happy with homework assigned from institutes, they will either feel confused to answer or straightaway say ‘no’. This reveals their discomfort towards home assignments.

  • Students, who are truly restless to get back home after school for doing their homework, are barely found.
  • The general students mostly have complaints about too much pressure of tough and tricky homework assigned by their institutes.
  • The interests and enthusiasm that you will find in a child for playing, gamingor watch TV, you can never find thatin case they face assignments.
  • Often they even refuse to do their homework at all.

But why has this situation aroused? Why are students not comfortable enough with their homework? Here are some of those popular reasons for which students almost unanimously declare their feelings against home assignments.
Homework is time-consuming
Many students complain that doing homework is a very time-consuming task.Such assignments are usually too long.

  • Students claim that home assignments are purposely made lengthy for testing time management skills.
  • Teachersassign series of homework especiallyloads of it during holidays and pre-exam days.
  • These terribly time-consuming assignmentskill away all their time for recreation. They cannot even spend their vacations freely.
  • Extra assignments before exams usually shorten their time for free preparation and this affects their grade.

It is evident that homework is not designedas a child’s play. You cannot justhope to sit and finish it like playing your favorite video game.

  • Homework is made to testand churn upyour writingand solving skills, application power, concepts and ideas. So home assignments are never very easy – at least not for every student.
  • Students face several critical challenges while doing their home assignments. They not only wastetime but also make those students lose all interest regarding studies.
  • If a student is not able to complete their assignments properly which happens too often, then they become marked as a poor student.
  • To avoid becoming a poor student, they run to home tutors, extra classes, online classes, etc. where they teach for hours and provide a few tips for the students to overcome their homework challenges.

Behindall these hassles and difficulties, a student can always find their homework as the main culprit.Many students often say that if their home assignments were a little bit easier and less time consuming, they would have been much more comfortable with them.
Less necessity
What will happen if a student does not do his or her home assignment? What will he or she get – a scolding or a punishment?

  • Nowadays a bit of scolding or a harmless punishment does not matter to a student much.
  • In fact, rebukes and punishments are for children. Teenage and adolescent students cannot be dealt with those tools.
  • As homework is not a part of an assessment or a test, where your performance will be recorded, its value is reduced to a minimum.
  • According to students, there is not much to fear or lose academicallyeven if they fail toperform well enough in their home assignments.

If home assignments were parts of the internal assessment in academic institutes, then definitely students would pay much more attention to it.
One-sized to fit all
A major drawback of homework as pointed out by students is that it is designed on an average basis for all students. In brief,it is one-sized to fit all.

  • Questions and problems in homework are set up to test all necessary skills required for a normal student.
  • But there are some students who are amisfit for thisaverage assignment pattern.
  • There may be some extraordinary students to whom such average patterned assignments are apiece of cakes and they are capable of submitting the best assignment in their class.Whereas, there may be another genius student who could not do so well in that averagehomework because of their out-of-the-box thinking skills.
  • Students have their own passions and special skills which cannot be tested by an average assignment pattern.

Students complain that suchstraightforward and simple patterned assignments cannot judge all students properly.This results in failure of the skillful.
Lack of planning
It is a deficiency of order and planning which lead towards hatred for work. Doing homework is no exception. You need to be very organized and systematic while both are studying and solving home assignments. However, most students do not have any homework plan or routine for studies.Their whimsical and reluctant behavior towards studies forbids them from everfollowing any schedule forstudying or doing their homework. Whether and how much will they solve their assignments, depends on their mood, which is not a very good situation in an academic life.
Value not understood
The true purposeof assigning homework is not yet well understood by all students. Proper knowledge of its purposes can motivate a student so much that his or her interest regarding home assignmentswill be hiked up several times.

  • Students and even many others believe that home assignments have only academic values and have no use or effect in thecase of other issues.
  • Hence, students who are more enthusiastic about extracurricular activities and games, they give little importance totheir assignments, as it is rather meaningless to them.
  • Most teachers do not bother to teach their students about the true value of homework, before assigning their class with one.

These above-mentioned reasons are the major causes behind all discomforts of students regarding their homework.Some of these causes are faults and disadvantages of our educational system whereas, the other ones are drawbacks of students. If thisage-old cold conflict between students and homework is to be endedthen, both sides must make certain adjustments and changes. Only then can this hatred be finished and students can be comfortable with homework.