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How Maths Can Be Helpful in Doing Physics Assignments?

by Oct 2, 2016Physics

‘’Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater!’’ – Albert Einstein (German Physicist)
When Einstein had stated this, he must have faced that situation, which currently as a high school mathematics teacher, I am facing. Added to that responsibility is taking of physics classes that I have been given to take care of. Naturally, I am being faced with one of the most difficult situations in my career, and with the never-ending queries of my students this difficulty increases to a great extent.
Amidst all of this, a seminar explaining the association of mathematics and physics was to be headed by my team, and it clearly made me question deeply the connection that mathematics had in relation to physics assignment, and how with time, it had become one of the most important aspects of any physics assignment.
Physics assignments and its various requirements:
As per requirements of this seminar, it was imperative on my part to check out the connection that maths had with physics, or rather, what would be the role of maths in physics related assignment.
Going by a recent survey conducted on the educational changes and requirements of the students, it has been found that close to 35.6% students chose to avoid physics simply due to the involvement of mathematics in it. Well, quite contradictorily, there are a number of people who detest physics, but having the maths content in it makes it easier for them.
Hence, what is required as far as my understanding has taken me is getting a fine balance regarding both these subjects and making sure that physics assignments are eased by involving mathematics into its domain.
Relation of maths in physics assignment:
Going by the research of the seminar, I would like to share some important aspects associated with making physics assignment and incorporating maths into it. Also, I would like to share that maths to a considerable extent has made sure that physics assignments became comparatively better in quality and overall presentation.

  • Using of standard values

Whenever a physics assignment is to be done by students, always standard values are used. In fact, I surely prefer such standard values in comparison to general values that might be used. In this case, the incorporation of maths, and its associated formulas to a great extent help in ensuring that the assignment has a certain standard or value.

  • Mathematical values are always expressed in physical formulas. Hence, in case of assignments, it is important that students mention these mathematical details clearly.
  • Also, with mathematical notations given in an assignment, conceptual clarity increases both for student as well as the person who is reading the assignment.

As a teacher, who is preparing for this joint seminar it is very important onpart to have a clear idea of the association of maths in physics related assignment, and I can surely state that I am amazed at the levels of connection that I have discovered.

  • Using of trigonometric values

Another very important role of maths in physics is the usage of trigonometric values in describing physical measurements. Have you ever noticed the number of times that trigonometric values have eased the explanation in a physics assignment? Well, it was quite shocking on my part as well to discover its presence in a mere physics assignment!
This is another important point for students as well to note as to how they should associate trigonometrically stated values and better their physics assignment to a great extent. Clearly, the conceptual clarity that such trigonometric values provide cannot be explained via lengthy paragraphs.

  • Calculations while solving complicated theories

I am sure that there must have been times when a long explanation of a particular formula could be simply explained by mathematical terms? As a maths teacher, it has always been my priority to ensure that students understand basic concepts in a lucid manner. It is due to this reason that I clearly believed in shortcut techniques.
However, while preparing for this joint seminar and getting to know certain important aspects of one subject’s involvement into assignment related to other subjects definitely made me think of this connection at a greater level. Hence, it is important in this regard that maths be used for explaining the physical concepts in detail.

  • Presenting a mathematical formula as an additional aspect

Another very important role that maths had to play in physics assignment was the additional explanation of physical details by a mathematical chart. As a matter of fact, it has been found that those students who explained physical details in a proper manner, definitely has greater chances of presenting the assignment in a better manner than those students who make less use of it.
You can check this fact out with the five biggest physics homework mistakes you can easily avoid and ensure that next time you include mathematical details in your assignment.
Benefits of using maths in physics assignments:
There are a number of benefits that are specifically associated, as I have found in using maths explanations in physics assignments. Not only, are there a number of professional websites that call for such interconnection, but as a teacher, I too have realised the benefits that a maths calculation and detailed procedure can have on a physics project.
Hence, as part of this seminar, I am looking forth towards making this connection all the more viable to the students for their benefit. In case you have any idea to share, you too can post your queries and suggestions. Awaiting your reply!