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How Important is English Grammar for People Who are Not Doing a Major in English?

by Nov 22, 2015English

Asking this question is same as wondering what is the importance of education in a person’s life?If you desire to establish yourself and work with an organization of repute, you cannot even hope to compromise on English grammar. People doing a major in English are requires to be concerned with much more than just proper use of the language. But basic grammar is concerned exactly with that: propriety; and one must be well aware of it to excel in his career.

What can go wrong when you’re not good with grammar?

1. In school, you can forget about scoring high in English.
2. Improper use of language creates a bad impression upon the teachers.
3. Even when you study hard, you’ll not be able to do well in other subjects since marks might be deducted owing to improper sentence construction or grammatical errors.
4. It’ll be hard for you to apply for jobs; no application letter with wrong grammar will be approved by standard organizations.
5. It’ll be equally difficult to crack interviews unless you speak fluent and flawless English
6. The company will not consider your promotion since you’ll not be able to communicate with international clients.
7. No foreign trips for you.

These are the troubles you’ll be facing in the formal ground, and yet there is more. Without a bit of grammatical-knowledge, you’ll be an object of ridicule to your friends and colleagues.

1. Know this that your peers will regard you as a savage unless you speak correct English.
2. Forget about ever voicing your opinions in public forums, for the Grammar police will be there to get you.
3. You won’t be able to communicate with your colleagues properly.
4. Unless you know the grammar yourself, what are you going to teach your kids?
5. The misery wouldn’t end with you, but rest assured that your child will be ashamed to take you to a parent-teacher meeting in future.

The burden of not knowing English is just too heavy to bear. On the other hand, it isn’t very difficult to know the bits and pieces of the language. No one is asking you to become the next Milton, Shakespeare or Shelly. But to know enough of the language for your daily course is rather important.

Where can you find useful English grammar tips?

The best way to go about it would be to start from the roots and therefore, you must closely follow grammar books. There are some ways which you could opt for, I’ve been using these methods on my child and he never fails to score an A!

1. Closely follow the dictionary for spellings and pronunciations. When a same word has two different spellings, follow the one suggested by your school.
2. Figure out the meaning of the new words you learn, this way they’ll be easier to remember and will add up to your vocabulary.
3. Follow your classes diligently; when in doubt don’t be afraid to raise questions.
4. In case you’re having trouble with specific chapters, reach your teacher for help.
5. While doing homework, ask elders (with reliable knowledge of course) to help you out
6. To solve your problems during urgency, you can reach for English grammar homework help from us. We will be able to help you even at midnight.
7. Since youngsters are completely addicted to social networks like Facebook, you could try following some grammar related pages. Their posts are entertaining and enlightening at the same time.

Apart from gathering the knowledge, it is also very important to practice what you learn. When we don’t practice anything for too long, we end up forgetting what we learnt. So it’s very important to stay in touch. It’s only so important in the preliminary stages, once you’re well versed in the language, you’ll not have to sit down with exercises anymore. With time, you’ll find yourself getting acquainted with the language and then you’ll realize yourself how annoying it is to see people using incorrect grammar.

Fun ways to brush up your grammar:

All your and no play will only make you dull. So when you’re tired of the textbooks and teachers, here’s how you can entertain yourself (and also brush up your grammar skills, unconsciously):

1. Newspapers:

You need to know about the world around you and no educated man can go long without a newspaper. So read about the world, sports, politics, movie reviews and new inventions in the news paper. When you make this a regular habit, you’ll be unconsciously studying properly constructed grammatical sentences every day. As it makes an impression on your mind, it’ll be a useful anecdote to the shorthand SMS language you’re otherwise so used to.

2. Read novel and books:

A man has no better friend than a book. While reading a book you can travel across worlds and times and live a thousand lives but at the same time, you’ll be learning more and more about the use of the language. You’ll be learning new words and figure out that you’ve been misspelling some others. Just because you’re not a literature student, doesn’t mean you can’t read all the novels that you want. They not only teach you about people, times, societies and life in general, but they feed your imagination as well. Also, they naturally help in improving your grasp over the language.

3. Watch movies and TV series:

You enjoy movies, and here I’m suggesting you to watch them. But as you do, follow their pronunciations correctly. To learn much hyped British accent, you can try following shows like ‘Sherlock’ or ‘Downton Abbey’. You’ll be thoroughly enjoying yourself and might even end up learning a bit more about the language than you started off with. If nothing else, you’ll get a proper idea about the demarcation between correct and incorrect grammar.

Now that you know of so many diverse ways of wielding your grammar knowledge, start off with it. Choose the path you like the best and you’ll soon notice the progress you’ve made.