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How Has the Internet Been Successful in Reaching out to Academically Deprived Students

by Nov 6, 2016Online Tutoring

Living in the 21st century, it is hard to deny the importance of the internet and technology and all that it has helped our generation. Our lives revolve around smartphones and other gadgets. For those who live in developed countries and a few developing countries, the internet may seem like a necessity rather than a luxury.
However, these are still areas of concern that require access to the internet. For those in small towns and neighbourhoods, even in our developed nation, the internet has been a blessing in disguise.
New methods of learning with the help of technology are constantly discovered. There is no definite technique for anyregion, or any school. It is through access via the internet that progress can be made.
Check these tips to know how the Internet has made education system much better:

  1. Access to Information
  • The most obvious benefit of having access to the internet is having access to the bounty of information available online.
  • There are multiple primary and secondary sources of material that make finding answers to questions simple and hassle free.
  • Students not only find summaries or outlines of topics but whole textbooks, novels, academic papers and other files for absolutely free of cost.
  • Not all schools have all the amenities that students require to complete projects and homework, like libraries.
  • But through charitable organizations they may be able to attain and maintain the use of computers or laptops and internet connections.
  • This opens out the doors for students to explore the world beyond their own.
  • While books give them access to workings of the world, students are able to keep in touch with day to day activities and update their knowledge at the click of a finger.
  • Perhaps the largest database, there is always an answer to everything here.
  • While students might have had to wait till next day or a week to meet a teacher and clarify doubts, with available net facilities all they would have to do is Google their question and get instantaneous answers.
  • Teachers are not always efficient, especially in places where they are unable to get the necessary training.
  • Children can always turn to the World Wide Web for help and explanations whenever they require it.
  1. Online Courses
  • Online courses are gaining more popularity as the time goes by.
  • This means that education is no longer restricted to those who fall within a certain age gap.
  • Anyone who decides to pick up where they left off or learn something new has the resources to do so.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to learn more about running his business or social media marketing, content writers who want to learn about search engine optimization, or simply an English major who would like to study biology for the fun of it, is now able to do so.
  • These online courses are easily customizable and one can start it with already having a wide knowledge of the subject or no understanding of it at all.
  • These are levels and rewards for doing well. Certificates can be earned with every completed course.
  • Certificates hold weight when it comes to applying for jobs or starting school once again.
  • They are a mark of efficiency and determination.
  • Doing these online courses feels much like aschool with the assignments and quizzes, but they are much less stressful since you will be allowed to set the pace for your learning.
  • Students who face difficulties with certain subjects in school opt for online courses to help pick up the slack.
  • Topics that are otherwise difficult to focus on in class or comprehend are explained in a simpler manner by professors and teachers online.
  • They can stop, replay and take notes while watching videos and gain a more in-depth experience and understanding of the subject.
  • You can also study something completely different from your field of expertise.
  • Through this, there is more access to worldly knowledge and an increase in skilled and educated people.
  1. Special Needs Schools
  • Not everyone is born with the same abilities and brain capacity.
  • Some children are born with mental and physical needs that slow down their developmental processes.
  • This can be a great hindrance when it comes to getting an education because very few schools are equipped with the faculty and environment to incorporate these children into their program.
  • Using the internet, parents are able to find home tutors or schools that are best suited for their child and their needs.
  • They are able to locate viable resources and give their child the life they have always dreamed of.
  • Schools and educational boards are able to access more information on special needs students and create an environment that is beneficial for everyone.
  • This opens up the scope for children with learning disabilities.
  • Other children are also brought up in an accepting and more open worldview that helps them understand and develop the emotional capacity to be inclusive and non-judgemental.
  • Not every neighbourhood or even city has very many educational facilities for those with disabilities. Finding one in the yellow pages isn’t easy, and there is no guarantee of knowing someone in the institution.
  • Via, the internet parents,are able to get in touch with schools that are far away but have all the necessary facilities.
  1. Locating Tutors
  • School and college are only easy for a handful who has someone mastered the art of efficiency, but for most others, it can be taxing and stressful.
  • It is impossible for each student to be excellent in every subject, but help is not always easily available.
  • While finding a tutor through word of mouth is possible, there are other factors like time and reliability that need to be kept in mind.
  • There are a number of sites online that are now dedicatedto pairing children with the best tutors available.
  • A selection of educated and dependable tutors who are a mix of teachers, professors and college students are available.
  • Filter through these tutors according to their time slots, cost effectiveness and distance to find the perfect person for you or your children.
  • Tutors are extremely beneficial and can help children cope in class, with homework and upcoming tests or exams.
  • Find tutors not just for regular classes but competitive examinations like the SAT’s or other exam specific mentors as well.
  1. Collaborate with Other Students
  • Not having someone older tutor, you can sometimes be really daunting.
  • Use the internet to look for study groups and peers who are searching for others to study similar topics with or do homework with.
  • Not only can friends be made through this process but it will open up your mind to new ways of studying.
  • It may not be particularly convenient always to call a friend and go over assignments. But through social media, e-mail, students can correspond with each other and teachers to share notes, advice and other helpful information.
  • Skype is a great way for students to stay at home and still work on projects together.
  • This is a great method to employ if you’re wondering how to use the internet to complete history projects.
  1. Innovation Homework Methods
  • There are no longer limitations on how and when students study.
  • By browsing and watching other like-mindedstudents, they can learn about various new methods of action that aid in doing assignments.
  • Students can learn about time management skills like the Pomodoro method, organization, and study hacks thanks to all that the internet has to offer.
  • Teachers also face a mental block every now and then and trying to think of new ways to impart knowledge is not easy.
  • With access to the internet, teachers are able to brainstorm and come up with new ideas to make classes more fun and involve all students in active participation.

The internet is constantly expanding thanks to new and innovative ideas; thus, education is reaching children in areas where bare essentials are hard to come by.
Alleviating illiteracy and helping the world can aid in many developments for the underprivileged. For those who take the web for granted, at least they could find ways to complete homework on time!