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How English Homework Helps in Enhancing Vocabulary of Students?

by Dec 30, 2016English

No matter how technology and visualisation develop, words will still be the primary means of communication. Students should start building their vocabulary from the very beginning of their school days. They might wonder why vocabulary is so important in this world of modern visual communication.

Without sufficient understanding of words, students won’t be able to express their ideas or understand others. Vocabulary is essential across the curriculum. No matter you are an Arts student or studying social science or physics, they need to build effective reading and writing skills in English.

There are many ways which will help them to enhance your vocabulary. But their English homework plays the most significant role in that. Today, I am going to talk about the fact that how your homework helps you in enhancing the vocabulary –

  • First, we need to understand how your homework is important for your overall growth. All of us were disgusted with the extra burden the teachers give us every day. Didn’t we study enough in school?
  • But what we don’t understand that is homework makes you go through every lesson you have learnt in school and revises your memory. If you are doing your English homework, you will encounter few words every day, which you have never heard.
  • Naturally, you will look them up in the dictionary or the internet. In that way, every day you are learning at least two or three new words and adding them up to your vocabulary.
  • An enriched vocabulary will help your power of persuasion. If you stick to limited words, you might have problems in expressing your ideas entirely. Repeating words will not be of much help while you describe your thoughts.
  • If you are doing your English homework regularly, you will see how you can enrich your vocabulary with new words every day. That will help you in finding right words so that you can be persuasive about your thoughts and ideas.
  • School homework can always be a challenge to you. Those spelling charts and essays might be annoying, but they are going to help you in future. Homework is a good way to learn to sort your priorities out.
  • If you know that you have to finish your homework within a given time frame, you are supposed to leave your other jobs for the time being and concentrate on that.
  • While doing the homework, you can make a list of new words you have learnt that day making flashcards or writing them down at one place. Looking at the list once in a day will be of great help in building new vocabulary.
  • The most important part of the vocabulary is the spelling. There are hundreds of words you are familiar with, but you are not sure about the spelling. Your everyday homework helps you correcting the spellings also. There are many websites which help you in learning right spellings.
  • And also if you have written a wrong spelling somewhere, I am sure your teacher is going to correct you. Try to write that down in your list and revise it again and again.
  • You might get comprehensions to read as homework. If you have trouble in reading that particular piece, try to build a vocabulary by that comprehension. You might wonder how to do that.
  • Here’s how – you can search for an online copy of the understanding and mark the new words you are encountering. If you don’t understand the meaning, surf the internet, or if you can comprehend the sense in the context, make sure it’s right and add those to your vocabulary list.
  • You can use the technology as much as possible in doing the homework and also in vocabulary learning. If you are writing a word document while doing homework, you can use the thesaurus to learn Basic English words.
  • Not only that, you can have other computer programmes and websites to help you build an enhanced vocabulary.
  • Your homework makes you read different genres of books. This is how you encounter new words. If you come across a new word, you don’t understand, try to understand it through context.
  • If you can’t, the dictionary is always there for you. But knowing a word through context makes you memorise that word for a long time.
  • One productive way to finish off homework as soon as possible is to study in a group. You can also learn different new words while doing that. Way to end off homework as soon as possible is to study in a group.
  • You can also learn different new words while doing that. Help each other in learning, and you can also play productive games like scrabble or catch phrase to learn new words every day.

Learning is an everyday process. Every moment of life teaches you some things which will help you to figure out things in life. You might feel disgusted with the load of homework you got, but they are the means of learning new things every day.

Final Note:

A good vocabulary will not only help you to be persuasive, but that will boost your confidence level too. It’s not necessary only for art students have a good vocabulary, but everyone needs that.

A good verbal skill will always help you to turn things your way. There are numbers of professional websites where you can test your spellings or play a quiz to improve yourself. Not only the tutor or your parents but you also have to try as much as you can to have an enriched vocabulary.