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How Does One Stop Stressing out over Forgetting Homework at Home?

by Jun 8, 2016Homework Help

Stress has become a part of everyday life. It is an undeniable fact that stress is a necessary evil. It has dual face. Because of the fear of something, we tend to remain in track and not divert away from our duty. At the same time, it has a negative effect as well. It drains you out of your mental strength. It keeps you busy doing nothing. Hence, eventually eats up your time.  It is aptly said –“For fast-acting relief, try slowing down. “. This implies to target at being consistent. Stress is indeed a disease that is affecting students at large. In fact students must put in efforts to stay away from it. It tends to consume your potential.
Some students are so scared, that their biggest stress is the fact if they will forget their homework at home or not. It is a generalised fact, and students must strive hard to overcome that it. The target is simple to achieve if followed diligently and consistently. In the following session we shall throw some light upon the essentials steps adopting which shall keep away from stress of forgetting homework at home.
Smart planning is an efficient trick
They said it right that planning makes a man perfect. Ninety per cent of the work is done if one does accurate planning. This process essentially encompasses sorting out the necessary materials needed for the class the next day. Make a check list of it and set out the work accordingly. This not only helps you to take your homework and assignments to school, but also nurtures discipline in life. Discipline in student life will carve out the best in you. Factually, this is habit that one should pick. It is in fact required in almost every realm of life.
Keep a reminder
If you have the characteristic of forgetting things at home, then keep a reminder. By reminder we mean you can tell your mother, father or your sibling to notify you to take your homework before leaving home. You can assign a friend of yours to keep a check about if before you leave your home. These days one can also get a number of mobile Apps that shall serve your purpose. With the use of such technologically advanced software you can go for repetitions of the reminder in certain intervals. Moreover, there may be a case that the person you have appointed to retell you forgets about it. So, technology has good command.
Post it at your door
It might seem childish, but works really well. When one has found that he or she has the habit of forgetting instead of taking stress of it, one must pave a way out of it. Definitely one has to come out of the house through the main gate to set out for school. So, if you make a sticky note and paste it on the door, you are sure to take the assignment to school. This is indeed a smart solution to your problem. Care must be taken that you do no harm to the door.
Keep telling yourself of it
You know that your subconscious mind has immense power. It is latent and needs to be invoked through some activities. One such activity is reminding yourself about the most wanted thing that needs to be done. Research proves that this act will keep each and every cell of your body active and informed about the task at hand. Eventually there hardly remains any chance of forgetting.
Above we explored some measures of how to remind yourself about taking your homework to school on time. But then it is not the ultimate solution. As William James puts it –“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another”. One must do away with the habit of forgetting. It is indeed a flaw to one’s personality. Imagine if the bug is removed on time, it would spare the future overheads. Some of the steps to deal with it are illustrated below.
Plan your work and work your plan
As told earlier planning is an unavoidable step in your progress of study. Planning shall actually channel out a route for you to follow. This shall keep you focused at your study. It helps you manage your time more effectively. Make the plan efficient and ensure that you abide by it strictly. Look into all aspects before scheduling your plan; build up ways of executing the plan every bit.
Prioritise the tasks at hand
It is a good practice to make a to-do list. In the list you can jot down your work schedule as per priority. The ones with highest priority must be given maximum weightage and the ones with least priority needs to be given minimal time. Hence you would have an index against each work. And so, one shall be able go by the index. Make sure that the to-do list is kept handy. Jot down even the minor tasks in the planner. If you follow such a regime hardly would you be left with a chance of forgetting any work at home?
Students must go through should i sleep first or do homework right after school? It would improve their outlook.
Eat healthy, stay fit
Students tend to forget things because of cell damage. As a result one must take care of ones’ health. You must include protein rich products in your diet. Cheese, pulses and dairy products are some of the few instances of it. On an average a student must receive at least seven hours of sleep. Guarantee yourself that. Stay away from fatty foods. Junk foods should be completely bid au revoir. Remember that your health is wealth. Preserve it.
Exercise is total necessity
Oxidation of the brain cells shall keep you away from the habit of forgetting. Supply of oxygen to the brain is boosted through exercise. Students should allot minimum half an hour to diligent exercise to themselves. It will supplement your intelligence and choose to play outdoor games too. This is also imparts certain essential qualities in you, that would help you in the long run.
Incorporate yoga and meditation
Mediation and yoga is proved to keep you focused at your goal. Meditation helps you to achieve an insight. It also builds up a spiritual being in you. In today’s world yoga is essential to deal with mental illness like depression and stress.