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How Can You Reduce Your Anxiety with Math Homework?

by Nov 2, 2016Mathematics

It is actually very sad that anxiety keeps you from things and activities which you could have enjoyed instead of walking away. It is basically running from your worst nightmare and coming to a dead end. Sooner or later, you have to come to terms with it.So, why not at present? Before you start reading about the solutions to relieve math anxiety, you need to know what exactly it is.
What is math anxiety that makes students petrified of this subject?
If you are wondering if math anxiety is a name of a new disease, I would like to clear the fact that it is not. It can be simply described as dread, panic, or a condition of utter helpless when you open the textbook of math. A hike in stress level is a common math anxiety phenomenon among students who feel pressurised of performance anxiety.
Through many types of research, it has been foundout that this increase in apprehensive level while completing math homework is due to certain factors. Some of the major factors include therisk of public embarrassments like ridiculed by fellow classmates for maximum mistakes, surprise tests where students believe in failing, and inferiority complex.
Now as you have a brief understanding of math anxiety, let’s hop into the steps to overcome this issue.
9 Steps to Reduce Anxiety Level while Executing Math Homework

  1. Start with Stress Management Techniques

Anxiety can only be killed with a calm and composed mind. Before you start with your math homework, sit and meditate to clear your mind. There are some methods which can be used with meditation to reduce your angst level.

  • Try to clear your mind, and pinpoint your concentration towards an imaginary object. It may be a dot or a box.
  • Visualise your mind to be a room full of drawers. Now you can categorise your feelings and store them in those individual drawers. You can store happy feelings in one drawer and anxiousness in another one.
  • Recalling past happy memories and future appreciations of getting good marks can also reduce your stress level.
  1. Stave off Negative Thinking

One of the key factors which become a huge hurdle between you and your math homework is negative thinking. “It is difficult, and I cannot do it” is a thought which gives rise to anxiety. Even if you a good student and is capable of solving your math homework, your lack of confidence can discourage you from completing it.

  1. Take your Time and Understand

You are anxious only when you are trying to memorise theories and equations of math. You cannot compare math to any other subjects whose homework can be completed just by learning and regurgitating the facts by writing it in your copy.
You need to understand that math is just not a specific set of rules. You have to have an understanding of the reasons forthose rules. If your concept is clear, you won’t feel any nervousness while working on your math homework.

  1. Work it off

Another best ways where you can reduce your math anxiety is by channelling it to other directions. If you are feeling palpitated before starting with your homework, you can perform any physical activity.
Jogging, going for a run, or exercising can free you from some of the stress. Squeezing a stress ball can also help in the reduction of stress level. If you are happy to dance, you can even do so. The main objective is to combat this anxious feeling, so feel free to use any of the options.

  1. Believe in Succeedingand Work for it

“If you can think it, you can achieve it.”
Even before you build the confidence that you can complete your homework, you need to have confidence that you can do it. If you imagine that solving math homework is not equal to fight in a war, you can easily relax your mind.
Take baby steps by solving problems which you find easier and move towards the tough ones. This succeeding belief and confidence can definitelydiminishanxiousness of homework.

  1. Early Preparation is Equivalent to Stress-less Homework Completion

It is very important that you start planning the ways how you would like to complete your homework. Channelling your fear by proper preparation can reduce your anxiety level to a certain extent. Cramming the mathematical topics in your mathematics homework will neverfulfil the job.It will only tend to make you forget the aspects and equations.
Before you finally sit to complete your homework, it is advised to go through an example and practice a sum, or two. If you do this, you will be benefitted in two ways.

  • You will get relieved from your anxiety issue
  • You can complete your math homework confidently, without any hyperventilation
  1. Let the countdown begin

One of the best methods which have been popularly used for anxiety control is counting numbers. What you need to do is close your eyes and concentrate all your attention toward counting your number of breaths. This focused counting will divert your mind, hence making your mind go blank of the rising tension of math homework.

  1. Test yourself

If you do not know how to ride a bike, you cannot expect to travel using one. Similarly, if you don’t start practisingearlier, you cannot expect to write anything about your math homework with a calm and clear mind. A prior practice in the form of frequent tests can alleviate your angst regarding this subject.
Dedicating a certain hour every day for a self-math test can make you confident about solving the problems. With every passing day, it will help you realise that math is not that difficult as it seems to be. This confidence and ease will help you taking the edge off while writing your mathhomework.

  1. Take help from available online source

Taking help from teacher, parents, or friends is also a good way to decrease trepidation of executing math homework. It is like your mind knowing that help will always be available to you whenever you need it. Your mind can work in a tranquillized way even if thepressure of work completion is high.
If you feel at any point of time that you are stuck with any problem, you can approach any one of them for guidance.There are many professional academic websites which can provide you with correct suggestions, guidance and deeper insight of a math problem. You just need to have control over your fear of math because it is always fear which can stop you from fulfilling your work.
So these were some of the ways how you could overcome your anxiety issues when you are working on your math homework.
If you think to win over math homework anxiety issues in a day, my dear friend, you are mistaken. Regular practice, positive attitude and a confident approach can help you to get rid of anxiety while executing your math homework!