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How Can You Overcome Your Fear of Mathematics?

by Sep 11, 2016Mathematics

Understanding of Mathematics

Mathematics is everywhere. The patterns, shapes and arrangements of all structures in the world have mathematics. It deals with logic of quantity and guesses.
Why it is important for our daily life:

  1. To understand importance of time.
  2. To understand business, concept of profit and loss andstock need etc.
  3. To understand constructions, knowledge about angle and patterns etc.
  4. To maintain bank account details.

Mathematics Phobia
Phobia is a type of anxiety. It is fear of the person from any specific object or situation. Maths phobia can be defined as a situation when a person is feeling anxious while solving mathematics.
Causes of Mathematics phobia

I stayed in Nigeria and Doha for more than one year. I was working with private school there. Below are some points, I have noticed whichcauses Mathematicsphobia among students:

  1. Inherited from family –

It may be possible that one or both parent or some family member do not like mathematics. This trait is picked up by the child even though they used to like it earlier.

  1. Impact of Myth–

In my childhood, I have heard a lot that mathematics is required only for calculation and if you are planning to take arts for higher study then mathematics is not required are some common myth among people. This effect child’s attitude towards mathematics discipline.

  1. Public humiliation –

Students often feel ashamed when they take more time to solve problem as compared to other students. They don’t want to show it other public. So they start pretending that they don’t like the subject.

  1. Education system–

Education systemmainly focuses on gaining number in exam. Most of students do not use analogies to attend good numbers. These results into increase in usage of left part of brain than right. Right brain is important for mathematics.

  1. Lack of visibility –

Textbooks should mention the real life application of mathematics and their derived formulae. Textbook should also include how the formulae, the fact and guesses were invented by our ancestors. They should include exciting discovery stories of various mathematics facts.

  1. Dyscalculia Disorder –

Those students who are affected with this disorder have difficulty in visualizing number sequence. Around 6 % of students are affected by this disorder. Parents usually do not know about this disorder and it results in delay of treatment.
Effect of Maths Phobia

Mathematics anxiety results to following effects:

  1. Academic studies will suffer because number and logic are important for every subject.
  2. Lack of confidence while dealing with numbers.
  3. Difficulty in handling bills.
  4. Difficulty is faced while helping children in their studies.
  5. Difficulty in understanding business and profit and loss statements.
  6. Every job deals with number, logic to implement new ideas, guesses and analyzing facts. They feel difficulty in performingevery job.
  7. Tracking of credit card bill and banking detail is difficult for them to handle.
  8. Higher study becomes difficult because their initial building block of mathematics is not strong. And universities keep on giving them new material to study. Sometimes it results for them to leave the course because they cannothandle the pressure.

Ways to tackle this problem

On the basis of my experience, I want to recommend some solution. However, following them you can get the answer to your query of “How You Can Do Well In Mathematics?”

  1. Think positive –

“It is too complex to understand.” “It takes too much time to solve the problem.” You can hear these statements very frequently. This affects child’s mind very deeply. We have to change this perspective of child. We have to make them understand why mathematics is important.

  1. Accept the fear –

Accept the fact that child is afraid of mathematics; make them talk about their problem which they are facing. Talk to their tutor or teacher, they will also help to find a solution to this problem.

  1. Include maths in everyday life –

Understanding the importance ofmathematics in everyday work is very important. For daily work, we need to deal with numbers, guesses and analysing facts.

  1. Support curiosity of child –

Whenever child asks any question praise them. They will follow same habit in classroom. So whenever they encounter any difficulty in understanding mathematics problem, they will ask question and will not feel low esteem while asking question.

  1. Parent guidance –

Most of parent faces it difficult to guide their child because they are afraid of mathematics too. First they need to deal with their problem and strengthen their building block. After that they need to counsel their child to change their attitude and perspective about mathematics.
They should try to talk to child about their problem. If it is dyscalculia disorder, then consult teacher and physiatrist to solve this problem.
Be patience when they do any mistake. Try to teach them very patiently. Handle them with care. Help them in their practice. Don’t tell them anything if they ask you to explain problem two or three time because if you say something, he/she will feel hesitated to ask anything in classroom also.

  1. Play math games –

Games affect child’s mind deeply and they are interactive also. They help child to learn number very easily. They will also learn simple mathematics equations like addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.After playing games, child will feel happy and will learn from it simultaneously at a time. Games can be chosen online or simple chose games like jumping, playing cards, running, puzzles andlistening to rhymes or stories. Running and jumping along the number grid or number line help child to understand number a lot. Card game will improve probability and fraction.

  1. Delivering stories –

Internet is a major source of knowledge in today’s era. It will give knowledge about the behind story of every invention of every formulae and fact about mathematics and their practical application. Delivering these stories will help child to understand their invention and usage in everyday activities.

  1. Helping hand–

In Unites States, there are some online sites that help student to complete their assignment or homework, if they are busy. Student can contact them if they find it difficult to complete their homework or assignment. This concept should be established in other part of world also and we are one of them. Feel free to be connected with us.