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How Can You Make Mathematics Homework a Stress-Free Affair?

by Nov 2, 2016Mathematics

Before you roll up your sleeves and sit to start with your mathematics homework, you need to understand why you are given that particular homework. If you feel that it is for your punishment, you are wrong, my friend!
When you are at home, your mind is way relaxed than in school or in college. If students follow the good habit of completing their homework regularly, it will help themin futureto become more responsible, independent and be an excellent time manager.
But in order to achieve that future, you need to step forward in executing your homework with a tension free mind. If you are excited to know how to do so, I have some simple but effective tricks in my bag. It will surely help you complete your mathematics homework in a relaxed way. So, let’s get started!
Check these steps to make your assignments stress-free and effective:

  1. Time and encouragement

“Time and tide wait for none.”
This phrase is definitely true. But what if I say, there is an alternative way to running with time instead of running behind it.
Don’t pressurise your mind as the answer is just before you. Self-encouragement can work a great deal in reducing tension to complete your homework. Acknowledgement of the difficulty level is the main villain which hinders you from taking the challenge.
You can designate different encouragement prizes for yourself like a favourite snack or an hour of computer games or anything you like. But remember to reward yourself with your encouragement prize only after you have completed your maths homework.

  1. Don’t struggle and make a schedule

Anxiety comes when students think maths as a burdensome subject. Has the thought ever crossed your mind that you can give your 100% focus on a subject when the subject is easy? It is also for the casewhen a topicis a favourby you.
If you feel interested or less anguished in completing your homework, half the work is done. You can easily resolve your homework struggling issuesifyou establish a planned schedule. With a clear mind sit and scheme a time which your mind finds itfit to start with your work.
It may be during early morning or after you return home from your class. You can also sitdown to execute your homework if you find after dinner hours a perfect time to study.  Well, I don’t feel maths equivalent to war; but it is a worthy opponent.

  1. Maths power solution through games and puzzles

I know that studying from regular textbooks is not at all a fun way to reduce your stress level for completing maths homework. Understanding the problems is the first step to solvingmaths problems effectively as well as quickly. You can take the help of various mathematics games and puzzles.
Some of them are like:

  • Hooda Maths

In here, every week there are new math games related to arithmetic and geometry. You can grasp the technicalities of their problems in a fun way.

  • Fun School

Don’t be fooled bythe name if you think it just to be suitable for school students. You can learn about time and distance, percentage, calculation of exponents and much more.

  • Free maths help

“When you have fun, math and you could be one.”
From here you can acquireinformation about trigonometry and various advanced topics related to maths. You also get to know more about the concept of the topics in a simplified way.

  1. Don’t fall for any diversion

If you think diversions cannot give you stress while completing your maths homework, you are mistaken. Internet, TV, radio and even phone calls can highly entertain you. While being entertained, you may not get concerned about the passing time. And by the time when you realise your mistake, panic sets in.
An anxious mind can never help you to get your homework done correctly on time. So before you fall forthese traps, it is better to remove these distracting elements out of your reach.

  1. Different approach for your homework

There are many students who understand mathematical concepts and formulas through visual method. If you find it difficult to rein you stress level, you can choose different methods to do your homework.
There are times when you find difficult to remember steps of information while you are in the middle of homework execution. What you can do is to use some unique methods of remembrance before you start hyperventilating. You can do so by creating your ownmnemonic ideas.

  • Operation Order

To remember about the sequencing of parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction, you can phrases it in any form. My remembered phrase is ‘Perry Ate My Dumpling and Slept’.

  • Metric System Value Order

You can set the value order of (Kilo=1000, Hecta=100, Deca=10, Deci=0.1, Centi=0.01, Milli=0.001) as Kiara Hudson Drank Double Chocolate Milkshake taking the initials of the metric system.

  • Roman numeral Value Order

A mnemonic idea like I Value Xmas like Cats Drink Milk can be used to order values of (I=1, V=5, X=10, L= 50, C=100, D=500, M=1,000).

  • Trigonometry Formula order

Its formula mainly has three bases.  H=hypotenuse, A=adjacent, and O=opposite. To remember (Sine = O/H), (Tangent = O/A), (Cosine = A/H) for correct implication you can simply use the initials to form words. Like SOH TOA CAH.
The words may seem silly, but it serves the purpose.

  1. Tackle the problem with a friend

There is a famous saying, “one is better than two.” A friendly completion can take down anxiety to a certain level while completing your homework. When you sit with a study group,you can share your confusions and issues related to any mathematical problem. In this way, you can complete your homework easily without any tension.

  1. Pin it out

You can only complete your homework if you have a proper knowledge of your subject. Learning and understanding the concepts can help you to complete your math homework with ease. You can opt for weekly test sessions.
Theseregular tests will not only help you to check how well you are able to understand the topic but also will lower your apprehension level.
It is true that homework is rarely a fun activity. What every student feels about maths homework is being a pressurised work, loaded on their shoulders. These steps when followed with a positive attitude won’t force you to cajole yourself tohomework completion. If you really felt these steps helpful, you can get more useful methods from professional academic websites to complete your maths homework without any tension.