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How Can Schools Help Students in Loving Homework?

by Nov 6, 2016Homework Help

“The more you do your homework, the more you are free to be intuitive. But you have to put the work in.”
Homework has always been looked upon as a problem in our society rather than a different method of study technique. There are times when parents have acknowledged not having enough time or energy to sit with their children to help with their homework. I too have faced with such similar situations at certain times. When students don’t get a guiding help for those extra study sessions, it is normal to have an aversion regarding homework.
It is not only the responsibility of students or their parents to regularly monitor their homework completion. Schools also need to have an active participation in checking their study progress and apply different methods to make homework completion more enjoyable.
There are many factors due to which students cannot concentrate on completing their homework; least love it. Some of the factors which affect aversion towards homework are:

  • Unstable or troublesome personal lives
  • Lack of any elderly or guardian presence
  • Depression
  • Frequent change in schools
  • Parenting responsibilities due to early teenage pregnancies

To get control over such situations teachers can use different methods to make regular studies and homework completion enjoyable for students. Being a responsible teacher, you can use these methods to make your students love their homework.
10 impressive ways to make homework more lovable to students:

  1. Give homework with a purpose in mind

You cannot give anything as a homework topic if you, yourself do not know why you are providing it to your students. Quality homework makes a great difference. The difference is the attitude of your students who will be doing it. The contrast will be getting the homework completed as it is needed to be done and executing it because they find the topic interesting and informative and have self-realisation in its completion.
You should have a very clear purpose in your mind and what good will come out of this homework assignment. It should be a positive experience for your students which will encourage them to learn more about their subject.

  1. Make the students realise about that purpose

Maintaining a line of between teachers and students is a must when you are teaching a class. But before you give any homework to them, communicate in a friendly way and try to make them understand the purpose of the given task. A simple confusion can become a hindrance in your goal.
There are times when students understand and value your purpose, but it can only be obvious when they sit with their given task and complete it successfully.

  1. Homework should be absorbing and clear

There is a very famous saying. “Focus on where you want to be, not where you were, or where you are.”
When you give homework to your students, you are helping them to practise what they have learned in class. If you give your students focused homework, it will help them to understand it properly resulting in a quick and effective completion. While writing for their homework, they will come to certain issues and terms which might be confusing for them.
These minor hurdles are present in every subject, but you can be assured that an absorbing task can be a source of research to them. These types are beneficial to those students whose power of abstract thinking is underdeveloped. For those students, you’re provided simple homework is easy to understand and perform as they don’t have to fiddle and inculcate numerous concepts.

  1. Arouse interest and challenge their minds

Interest is not an object when liked can be bought from a store. It is like a sapling when nurtured well becomes a huge tree. The minds of students are like clay. The way you want to mould it, its outcome will be in the same way. You need to use different tactics like relating a story regarding that topic or narrate any real incident or achievement of any previous student who scored high marks.
You need to make them believe that they can use different concept and approaches to complete their homework. They are not bound by any pre-fixed shackle of methods for completing their homework. Challenge them to use innovative methods and integrate new information with their text details. This will help your students to break free of their usual thinking ways.

  1. Mix and match topics

One of the best ways to make your students fall in love with their homework is to bring some variation in their given task. It not only breaks the monotony but also is another innovative way to make them do their homework. Since the subject or topic cannot be changed, a change in your style and approach will arouse interest among your students.
Instead of providing daily homework you can give them homework on a weekly basis. You can also announce for surprise homework patterns where you can give them homework on a certain day with a prize for the best-executed task.

  1. Give a personal touch to assigned homework subject

Before becoming a teacher, you were a student. So you can use your student thinking to make homework completion at a personal level of your students. You can ask your students to write their positive or negative feedback regarding the topic or character mentioned in their homework.
The inclusion of personal touch in given task will make your students go through the entire topic before they sit with their homework. This will make them very excited to write about their point of view about the given homework topic.

  1. Analyse and tag the homework

Being a student myself in the past, I know that students feel at ease when their homework is neither very tough nor uncomplicated. Ateacher being a representative of the school, you have to analyse and recognise a student’s favoured style of learning.
It is true that you cannot modify homework for individual students but can definitely give them freedom to use format and content to finish their homework. This will open the lock to their full potential which is a huge advantage for them for enjoying their homework.

  1. Help student with various study resources

The provided academic textbooks are not enough for your students to love their given task. Information from various study sources can increase their interest level. You can suggest them different books of the homework subject which they can avail from school and college libraries.
The can also increase their creativity level through various educational websites. Through these sites, they can also get more information and their vocabulary power also increases.

  1. Use variations in teaching style

Regular teaching style can be a boring affair which can turn the moods of your students off. You can bring variation in teaching style in which you are comfortable. You can promise your students for a music time after class or play any indoor games if they complete their homework.
Children being curious in nature will surely complete their homework to see if you keep your promise or not. This little stunt can create a cordial bond between you and your students, making them love their homework.

  1. Use encouraging words and Constructive feedback

It means a lot to your students to hear appreciative words from you. Your student will only enjoy completing their homework when they know that you would provide positive feedback and praise them for good work.
Well, these were some of the ways by which you can make your students love their homework. If you find these methods useful and are interested to know other effective ways, you can also reach out to certain academic professional websites who have a treasure of such unique ideas. This will make your assignments worthier to acquire good grades.