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How Can Physics Help Creating Magic?

by Oct 13, 2016Physics

Physics has always been at the very front of the scientific development. Even though mathematics is universally considered to be the most influential subject of all times, it is the physics which utilizes the techniques of mathematics to show how our world works, and how nature functions.
Despite this spiritual nature of the subject, many children and young students find physics difficult to understand. Well, there are many factors as to why this happens. In some cases it has been observed that school boards or university curriculum do not pay attention to make physics interesting for their students. In other cases, it is a matter of understanding and perception on the students’ part.
In this post, we will look at several aspects of physics and how each attribute helps us in our daily life, and what broader significance it has in our understanding of the universe. So let’s get started with it.
Physics as a subject
This is where people get their first taste of physics – as an intermediate school subject. Junior schools do not really introduce physics to their students, but intermediate schools offer it to students as a compulsory part of their academic curriculum. It has been noticed that students often have problems with physics as a subject. Why is that? Let’s take a look at some potential reasons:

  • Due to the intense coursework involved with physics, students often get repelled from it at an early stage. This hampers their scientific development as a kid or a teenager, which leads to more problems in high school education.
  • There is also a distinct lack of enthusiasm while teaching physics from many teachers around the world. This lack of enthusiasm affects the quality of teaching, which in turn results in a lack of interest from students. This cascading effect causes a general disinterest in physics.
  • As a parent, it is quite difficult to monitor what your kid is learning. Hence parents often misplace the level of scientific temperament in their children. If you are facing a similar kind of problem, take a look at “Learn the ways to help your child to avoid academic pressure” so as to avoid it.

Physics as a part of your daily life
The significance of physics does not limit itself to academic sphere only. In fact, there is hardly any everyday utility that operates without our basic understanding of physics. Over the past 50 years, numerous advancements in science and technology have come from our knowledge of physics.
Take a very basic everyday utility item for example, such as your smartphone. Now, as a consumer, you might not have an understanding of how these devices operate. However, those engineers who manufacture these devices have to well-versed in the understanding of wave physics to provide satellite communication to your device.
There are numerous such examples from everyday life where physics play a significant role. The whole basis of modern day communications, navigation and technology are solely rested upon our understanding of physics. Here are a few more examples of products that would not be available if it were not for physics:

  • The GPS navigation system in your car.
  • Any piece of anautomobile or engineering that you use.
  • Your groceries which has been packed for preservation.
  • Your credit card and other quick banking options.
  • Radio and internet connectivity.

Physics as a career option
Even after learning the utility of physics in your everyday life, it may seem not necessary to understand it as a subject. However, if you are a Physics Major or wishing to take up physics as a subject, then you should be aware of the excellent opportunities that this subject presents. Majoring in physics opens a lot of opportunities – both in terms of further studies and job options.
If you are looking to continue your academic career after majoring in physics, here are some career options you can choose:

  • Researcher in higher physics.
  • Pursue an engineering degree.
  • Pursue a degree in a tutorial or teaching position.
  • Work for a management degree.
  • Post-graduation academics in physics.

However, if you want to look for job opportunities after completing your graduation, here are your potential choices:

  • Work for any IT based company with prior knowledge of engineering.
  • Work as a teaching professional for graduate students.
  • Start a business about products you are familiar with.
  • Work at a management firm after a bit of management consultation.
  • Work as an analyst in stock market firms.

There are many professional help websites which offer career suggestions and help out new graduates in their course. Check those out for more information on career options after graduation.
Physics as a means of understanding our universe
Theoretical and Astrophysics has always been mankind’s pursuit to understand our significance in this universe. Whatever we know about space and its vast stretch, we owe that to physics, and to dedicated scientists who strive to make those discoveries.
Our knowledge about space as a species has grown immensely over the past 100 years or so. Gone are those days when humans believed the Earth to be flat! Not only have our species discovered the Earth’s rotation and revolution around the Sun, but we have discovered numerous other plants and galaxies in the last 100 years with the help of our space telescopes.
Physics offer humans a way to interpret their existence in this universe. It tells us how the universe was created with the Big Bang, and shows us how rainbows are formed. There is a unique sense of spirituality that comes with this subject, which personally, I don’t think exists in any other subject!