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How Can I Find a Good Private Tutor?

by Oct 14, 2016Online Tutoring

If you are expensing $15,000 annually for your kid to get privately taught, forking out the prospects of an additional tutor might not seem an adequate option for you. However, when you look around, this seems to be happening on a constant basis.

The % of parents looking to top up their kid’s subject knowledge and their already expensive education cost with a personalized tutor, has taken an upsurge.Irrespective of global recession, the past decade has experienced a real boom in the trade of personal tutors.
Educational charity, Sutton Trust claims that-“while the % of kids taking aid from a private tutor was 18% in the year 2005, it jumped to 23% by the completion of 2011-12.”

In fact focussing on last year’s record, the % increased by 15-18% and this was a sharp contrast to the single digit propelexperienced previously.
However as a parent or guardian, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the person whom you entrust your kid is best qualified to meet your kid’s style of studying as well as their academic’s requirements.
Top tips to follow:

  • Being an informed consumer always helps:

One thing that should be removed from your cranium is the notion of a certified tutor. Simply speaking, there is no such thing. These licenses come from agencies who hire these tutors.
So, you as a maternal should look to search for a tutor with a good amount of experience and reputation under their belt, rather than simply going with an educating agency.
Sometuition agencies appoint teachers having very little or no experience to edify their students. They even pay them poorly but when it comes to charging fee, they ask you to pay a lump sum amount.
If you are thinking of referring to a tuition agency, choose a good one which incorporates teachers with a fair amount of experience under their belt. And most importantly,check if that experience is attained by teaching kids similar to your own little rock star.

  • Defining your goals properly:

This is an important aspect of finding a good private tutor. Ask yourself- whether you are looking for a private tutor to prevent your kid from failing or to push their limits and make them score better?
Also analyse your kid’s results and performance at school to see whether they are facing problems with just one of two subjects or all their subjects. Another thing is deciding what is going to be the best place for your kid to study as that also helps.
If you have a kid who is shy and feeble- natured, then asking the tutor to come over to your place would be convenient for your kid. Plus it would also allow you to monitor your kid as well as the tutor during their study hours.
Once these aspects are clear, you will definitely be able to make the right call for your child.

  • Checking at your kid’s school for teachers who teach extra time:

Though it is true that you need to be a specialized tutor to teach and inspire your children, it does prove to be beneficial to choose a professional tutor who has a complete idea about the core element of academic subjects.
They deal with 30-40 kids in 5-6 classes for 6-7 hours every day. So they are quite adept in handling kids and keeping their mischiefs under control. Their appealing nature and their knowledge to understand each student’s problem is what makes them chosen.
They also have various concept explanation techniques for different kinds of students and also know how to make classes more gripping and fun-filled. Kids will love being with them and hence will learn more every day.

  • Asking other parents for recommendations:

This is another good way to find a trustworthy private tutor. The demand for a good tutor is widespread and so there is no harm in asking someone who has found one before you.
If that tutor is working well with their kids, there is a good chance that he/she would be able to help you child too. Ask for the tutors contact details and have a word with him/her to check is there’s a place for your kid in their schedule.
Additionally you can also check out professional educational portals regarding private tutors.

  • Try to teach her yourself:

There are some parents who teach their kids themselves rather than looking for tutors.
“Take my instance, my daughter Fiona was very shy whenever I used to leave her with a private tutor.
So what I did was talked to her school teachers regarding what to make her study and what are the issues she is facing. After consulting with her teachers, I prepared the study materials and every evening I used tosit down with Fiona and make her go through them.
I found that she was very comfortable with me being her teacher. The difference was also revealed as per performance improved considerably.This slowly attracted the eyes of other parents and through Fiona they started to come and meet me for teaching their own kids.
What started as something small took form into something big.
Now I teach lots of kids and have to say, I quite enjoy their company.”
In regards to A knowledge base for finding a tutor for your child, you can refer to the aforementioned suggestions or you can do what I did for my Fiona if your kid is not comfortable with a tutor.

  • On finding one, talk to them properly:

The last and more important thing to consider-You have finally come across a supposedly good tutor for your kid. Ask them if he/she will be able to assist your kid master a specific skill.
A good private tutor will always help your kid learn a specific skill before moving over to the next level. Along with that, a good tutor will work with you as well as your kid’s school teachers to formulate an individual program, simply because no two kids are alike.
These are some important tips which you can use. If you have other solutions, you can feel free to share it.
With everything done and dusted, all that’s left is to wish you luck.