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How Can a Teacher Inspire Students in Achieving Higher Marks in English?

by May 11, 2018Homework Answers

English Homework Answers

It is necessary to know English because it is the universal language used across the globe for verbal and written communication. Therefore, it is very important to have an in-depth knowledge on the subject. It is the basic subject which is taught from the very first day at school. Teachers are responsible for teaching correct English so that students can write correct English homework answers.
Strong command over English is necessary for higher studies
Students start learning English from kindergarten level. They get familiar with the alphabets and their pronunciation. Gradually, they learn the spellings of different words and later on start forming small sentences. This preliminary knowledge helps the students proceed in their academic career.
Teachers at elementary level play a crucial role in teaching correct English. The art of writing develops at the school level itself. Teachers can inspire their students to write correct English.
Steps taken by teachers for improving English of students:

  • Enhancing their grammar

Grammar is the basic component of any language. It describes the rules of writing English in a meaningful way. Teachers are responsible for telling their pupils how to arrange different words so that they can form a meaning. Right knowledge of tenses, voices, punctuations, conjunction, etc. is important for writing a meaningful way. At the same time, students must be able to identify different types of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, preposition, etc.

  • Enhancing their vocabulary

With a strong vocabulary stock, you can write your contents more beautifully. If you have a strong vocabulary stock, you can express your thoughts and ideas in lesser words. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the instructors to motivate their students to search for new words and use them in different types of sentences.

  • Enhancing letter writing skill

One needs to write different types letters in its day to day life. Each latter has its own style and rule. Teachers must teach their students how to write correct letters which can impress the readers.

  • Enhancing essay writing skill

Essays are another important area in English. When students reach a higher level, they have to write essay type answers for any subject. At graduation and under graduation levels also students have to write long English homework answers. An essay comprises of a heading, subheading, and paragraphs. Teachers must give them different topics on a regular basis to enhance their essay writing skill.

  • Developing reading habit

Everyone does not have the reading habit. But it is really very important to learn any language in detail. Teachers must motivate their students to read good books, it not only enhance their knowledge but also gives them new ideas.
English at graduation level
The basic foundation of English is developed at the school level itself. At degree level, students learn to analyze theories and evaluating prose and verse. They start taking critically the signs and words which they listen to in the surrounding. Learners have to give equal focus on the literature as well the language parts.  Students must write English homework answers at graduation level in a unique way to achieve higher grades. The standard of answers must be very high.
At graduation level, students have to read literary texts from global history. The syllabus covers a wide-range of literature from various periods; from Shakespeare to Virginia Woolf. For writing English homework answers one need to read and analyze passages, and relate texts to their social, political, cultural, and historical contexts.
The language part trains students to review the workings of the English language beyond literature which includes language-based communication in different forms and contexts. Analyzing casual spoken conversation, advertising methods, text speak, and application of language in specialized medical and legal discourse.
Assignments are important at graduation level
A degree in English is assignment-based, with essays and long answer questions. Assignments are given on regular basis to develop an understanding on the subject and students need to submit them within the given deadline.  Completing assignments within the given deadline becomes very tough for the students. In such scenarios, students often take online homework help to finish their assignment on time.
Here is given a list of advantages of online English homework answers:

  • Provides meaningful answers relevant to the questions. Preventing students from spending long hours in writing answers.
  • Unique answers without any plagiarism. Students can improve their grades easily by submitting high-quality answers.
  • Online homework sites usually provide round the clock service. Therefore, you can take their help even at any odd hour.
  • You get a chance to know the different ways of writing the same answer.
  • Though it is a paid service, it is absolutely value for money.
  • Students don’t have to go from one place to another place for suggestions. All are available at the same place.
  • Students can also submit their work to the online tutors for review purpose.
  • Feedback from the tutors helps students rectify their mistakes.

Writing English homework answers is not very tough, but yes you have to spend lots of time to write your answers in a beautiful way. Since it is completely a theoretical subject, therefore, it is quite difficult to score higher grades. Examiners take into account several factors while checking the answers, including handwriting.
It might happen that one person appreciates your writing, but another does not like it very much. Then there is a possibility that you may get a lesser mark in spite of writing a correct answer. Online homework help service providers can give you some useful tips on writing answers in such a way that it can easily impress your teachers.  Therefore, choose your trainer very carefully who could really positively help you.