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Learn All About Hooke’s Law with My Homework Help

Understanding the laws of physics can be confusing as it gets difficult to figure out how the units of motion, vector, force and energy work underaparticular condition. Which values you need to keep constant and where you need to put the equation of gravity can tangle yourthoughts and concepts’ threads. If you want to understand it better, then there is no easier way than Hooke’s Law homework help for getting your doubts answered.

What is Hooke’s Law?

In 17th centuryphysicist, Robert Hooke observed that the stress versus strain curve has a linear equation in its region. That means the strength required to stretch an elastic material is directly proportional to the extension of it, under constant or particular condition.

  • F = –kx

Where ‘F’ is the force, ‘x’ is the length of extension and ‘k’ is the spring constant.

Let myhomeworkhelp.com start with the basic queries that students have while understanding the topic. Are you confused about why isthere a negative sign in the formula? The answer is that it shows restoring force of the spring in the opposite direction when the tension is released.

Similarly, other questionsfrequently arise, like:

  • What do you mean by the spring constant of spring?
  • What is aconstant force?
  • Derivation elastic potential energy formula
  • Hooke Law’s stress and strain formula
  • Is elasticity a permanent property?

Don’t brainstorm and then give up on it. If you have assignments on the above topic then, use Hooke’s Law assignment help. You will get to see how easily you will be able to answer all of these.

Application of Hooke’s Law

In addition to understanding the behavior and elasticity of strings, Hooke’s Law is also applied to situations where an elastic body is deformed. This can be anything like inflating a balloon or pulling on a rubber band. The ability of these materials to return back to its original shape after experiencing distortion can be referred to as a ‘restoring force’.There are many working mechanisms of objects and instruments where Hooke’s Law is applied.

  • Used in making of cancer detection device
  • Used to make artificial breathing lungs
  • Car suspensions

There are many more uses, but you also need to know how it helps and its system of working. This can be done with Hooke’s Law assignment help.

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