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Homework Debate- What Should Be the Positive Homework Statistics?

by Apr 23, 2016Homework Help

Homework is an essential part of thestudentseducation. Does homework help student learning? How much homework is beneficial? Or, Does homework hinder student’s education? What do you think? The members of education standards have struggled with these questions. Some parents worry that their children have too much homework and cannot able to compete. Other parents have acomplaint that their children have a little homework. Then, what should be the positive homework statistics?
During the past decade, homework debate goes viral. Everyone is willing to get the positive homework statistics that can raise education standards to enrich high academic education standards.
How do meetings and seminars help in achievingpositive homework statistics?
Researches show that the increasing amount of homework in student’s life has grown arguments against it. Researchers find that there should be a proper balance between theamount of time utilized for homework and kids academic level.
Researchers also develop that homework helps every student to develop skills and ability to manage different tasks. Analyzes also proof that homework has no academic and non-academic benefits. But many believe these positive homework statistics:

  • Homework develops responsibility
  • Homework teaches how to research and do experimental learning
  • It increases motivation and enthusiasm
  • It helps in fighting against challenges and difficulties
  • Homework helps in understanding the value of time

“The most effective way to do it is to do it.”- Amelia Earhart
Researchers told that homework policies should be implemented to secure every student’s education. They found homework has very little correlation with student’s achievement. Researches do not find any connection between homework and student’s thinking.
Is it like that homework benefits certain people under certain conditions? You should know that investigations show that certain circumstances have more positive homework statistics. Students understand better and can compete with it easily. Check these points and try to find out the exact cause:

  • How homework increase motivation and concentration?

Many people believe that homework increases student’s motivation and focus. You should know that every student has delighted to do some specific work. If the subject of homework is not according to the niche of a student, then he/she may get distracted without any cause. What do you think?

  • Does homework weaken other curriculum activities?

More often students deal with homework problems separately at home without adult supervision. Many parents do not have enough time to spend with their children during study hours. This often hinders some student’s activity.
Slow learners take more time to cope with it.This leads to takingextra hours and a significant loss in performing other activities.Many times this includes loss of interest in school studies and copying others assignment.

  • Does homework improve grades?

No such relation has been found to treat homework has a positive relationship with grades.The amount of homework helps in a very little increase in performance. Performance depends on learning skills and habits. Every student comes in thedifferent category of understanding and deal with the problems. You need to outperform to achieve high grades and make a good stand in every test.
Is implementation of homework correct or not?
The members of education standard have worked so hard to deal with homework problems and arguments. Many arguments and debates help in understanding the right demand in assigning the right work. How do teachers follow the policy to make positive homework statistics? What do you think? Do parents and students happy with any teacher’s assigning work? This is not exactly clear whether implementation of homework is correct or not. But, you should know that if homework follows the academic standards then surely this will have positive homework statistics in a student’s life.

  • Homework help in better understanding of concepts and methods:

Mathematical assignments need to be practiced at home to understand it completely. Some strategies need to be appliedto solve those problems. Homework help in revising the methods and keep student’s familiar with this new topic.

  • Homework facilitates parents to involve in student’s study materials:

Homework helps parents to take aninterest in student academics. Researches also show that homework has many positives on parents to help students in academic progress. Parents help their kids to do better in school. Parents feel it more comfortable and exciting when their children come out with high grades.
This also helps parents to involve with the teacher to deal with any type of problem that the kids are facing during study hours. Parents listen to many excuses and famous quotes about not doing homework by students. A single meeting with the teacher can help parents in finding the possible cause.

  • Homework helps in increasing critical thinking and concept formations:

Homework serves greatly to have self-direction, self-dedication and self-discipline. Researchers have found that critical thinking of students has been improved. Students start to implement new strategies to make curriculum enriched. You should know that the processing of information is quite increased by students to deal with time.

  • Homework help students to learn time management:

However, the amount of homework increases with student’s education level. Students have to deal with homework problems and complete it in time. This helps students in learning the importance of utilization of time effectively.
How does homework associateadversely and how to deal with it?
Sometimes homework associates with negativity. Potential negativity includes student’s economic status. This influences the achievement of students of low-income families to complete the piece of homework in time. A little homework needs extra resources to deal with it. Low-income family students suffer due to certain circumstances caused by economic standard where rest of the students achieves it without any difficulty. Do you know how much pooreconomic students get tobenefit from homework? Do you have any idea?
“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”- Aristotle
Researchers also argued that homework can havean adverse impact on one’s attitude. Low-income students expose to emotional and mental fatigues. This situation affects in achieving positive homework statistics to these students. Although, the overall statistics has showed that homework has many positives in a student’s life. Researches also proof that homework may have more positives for older students than younger ones.