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Homework Adding up Value in Students’ Life

by Jun 21, 2016Homework Help

Homework? It is one of the shortest horror stories in a student’s life, especially on vacations. Even I never liked doing homework after a tiring session in school or even college!
But as I grew up, I have understood the value, reasons for giving homework in schools and colleges. No, it’s not given to distract students from extra-curricular activities. It’s really helpful for the students.
On an average if a student follows class work and homework properly then he or she is half done with their lesson.
Homework adds value in a student’s life and considered as an important part of academic or even non-academic life. As I consider it an intermediate part or a bridge, an invisible bridge between teachers at school and parents at home. By this, parents can assess their kids’ performance in class. Similarly, a teacher too can understand what students havestudied in class. Even if I were a teacher, I would have given my students assignments in regular classes as well in vacations which will prove useful for them.
So here I am highlighting some positive points of doing homework regularly and on time. Some of them are as follows:

  1. It ensures that the student is in practice with their lessons in class as well as at home- The usual thing expected from a student is doing their homework themselves. Just then, researchers like Cooper and his associates discovered that working hard on homework and submitting on time proves very useful in improving grades. Later on, they found out that homeworkis no more proportional to their grades. So gradually this interdependency between homework and being in practice is dissolving slowly. Things must change else student’s future might be in danger.
  1. Helps improving a student’ grade. As mentioned in the previous point being in practice will inevitably ensure good grades. But that doesn’t mean someone else do your homework. That definitely will not help in getting good grades. Self-help is the best help students. Parents are advised to help their kids with their homework but not doing them personally. That will undoubtedly increase their grades, not their children.
  1. Regular homework can even make a good impression on the students that attracts teacher’s attention. Actions like this might help solving some unsolved doubts. The educator is ensured with student’s homework submission regularly. Hence having a hope of all energy not going in.
  1. It Implies a proper clear view on that part taught by the teacher. Not necessary that all students are equal. They can have doubts in some parts of their lesson. It’s better to solve that as early as possible rather than to pile up a huge syllabus before the examination. That is smart work, and it can’t be done if the student is not in touch with studies.
  1. Increases the capacity of a student to do their projects and assignments on its own that will make them smarter, self-dependent and capable. Yes, nothing to be astonished at this fact, because collecting all articles needed for homework or any assignment or project will increase their confidence. This will encourage them to work harder and be the topper in class! As it is not just hard work that will help students but also smart.
  1. Enhances general knowledge of the kid. Pretty obviously, skill development and enhancement of general knowledge are two such terms that you will have to come across numerous times in daily life. Better make your child start it from now. Do not wait.
  1. Helps them gain knowledge about creativity, innovation, time management. We all know about time management and its usefulness. So isn’t it better that your child knows it right from now? Creativity, innovation, and time management are the key to success. So make your kids practice it right from today itself. Other than this, homework keeps the student busy from getting distracted in the wrong Last but not the least it makes one active- both physically and mentally.

In the points mentioned above, I just said a few positive points on homework and its usefulness.
But the topic I am speaking about doesn’t seem perfect to some group of parents. I have heard a lot about some parents barging on issues like homework isn’t for good. It creates mental pressure on their kid’s blah. I do not get the point why so? Come on, just don’t spoil your child. Make your child learn how to manage studies and other portions of life simultaneously.
It’s for their better future. Here is advice to those parents – Please do not make your kids lazy, un-smart, and inefficient. Help them, encourage them for their good. No teacher on this entire planet gives home assignments to create pressure on students. But whatever it is! There is a fire set on this topic outside. Researches, studies, statistics all go under an unending debate trying to prove the curses and boons of homework.
I was surprised to hear from some parents saying that their kids waste time doing homework. I was in real shock when I came to know this. I just can’t relate to wasting time by doing home works.
All these contradictions arrived due to the presence of some students who never do their homework. They just pushover with tears in eyes and pass it on to their parents or to some professionals. That’s ridiculously unfair. It creates a misconception about students and their responsibilities. Then the educator or a similar person in charge will be accused of student’s poor marks. My question – are those people actually responsible for students poor grade? Getting greater grade is not about the teacher or the school. It depends on own seriousness towards studies and home works.
Here the teachers are spending days after days in teaching lessons and in return can’t even expect a student’s equal participation?
Keeping all contradictions aside. I must not forget to mention those parents who are well aware of their kids. Hence, they will always encourage their children in doing homework. Obviously, this is what I hope.
My goal in all the above paragraphs is to distribute a small idea about the reasons of giving homework to students and its usefulness.
Acquiring proficiency is not so difficult. One can gain it with regular practice. So parents, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Insist your kids to do their homework andlet’s create a better future for your children.