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What is Homeostasis?
Homeostasis is defined as the ability of an organism to regulate its internal functions generally to stabilise health and other bodily functions, irrespective of the varying environmental conditions. Failures in homeostasis can cause various diseases like hypertension and diabetes. It is a process that is ever present in our bodies and keeps the internal environment constant even though we perform various functions. An example of homeostasis is even if drink tons and tons of water, our bodies will not expand like a ball.

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What is its Importance?
Homeostasis is very important for our bodies as it is a process which keeps the body in balance. It helps the body to adapt to various internal as well external changes. It keeps in check the body’s internal functions in accordance with external environment and allows the organism to adapt to the changes. To put it simply, without homeostasis, our body will be in complete chaos.

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