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Holistic Education Approach That Can Improve Student Life to a Great Extent!

by May 11, 2018Homework Answers

Holistic Education Homework Answers

Holistic education is meant to understand oneself and to learn about oneself. Holistic education involves physical, emotional aspect of a person. The spiritual part and relationship among individuals and groups also relate to this study. Students given an assignment on holistic education homework answers are required to answer theories concerning holistic education.
Holistic education VS conventional education
Traditional education is related to just passing exam and getting a good job or career. The aim is to ensure that student gains qualifications necessary to survive job market and intellectual knowledge is yardstick for that purpose.
Holistic education ensures that important changes to the person and their interconnectedness worth the society. The mind is controlled by the individual, and person achieves good things by controlling the mind.
The parts of holistic education
Group learning is part of holistic education. The education method is best imparted through group learning, and there would be sharing of information within a group to ensure that every individual progress. For details, you can surely check out manuals as holistic education homework answers to have a fair idea of this concept.
Conflict resolution becomes a part of holistic education, and every person is ascertained to meet conflict and resolve it as a part of learning process. Some conflicts would arise in everyday life, and as a student, they should be taught how to cope with it. There are high chances that student may get abused and that would affect the mental framework of the student and student may feel bad about it.
They may resort to bullying, and that is more dangerous for the social fabric. This is where holistic education comes into place, and they would emphasize to ensure that student would not lose track.
Emotional awareness is part of the learning process, and it is part of a process in which an individual comes to know about oneself. A student should learn to know how to discipline oneself for career advancement. Having a good discipline would ensure that student always makes progress in career and goal reaching.
The obedience to teachers is an important aspect of learning, and holistic education considers every person as having feelings, and they are willing to hear it. Conventional training only gives importance to students as robots, and no emphasis is given to their mind. Holistic education gives importance to the aspect of saying รขโ‚ฌหœnoรขโ‚ฌโ„ข in the manner that it should be said. It is not like shouting back no to a person.
Group skill development would ensure that a shy student or a reserved student gets to address problems and steps are taken to ensure that they merge well with the society. Many students would feel depressed and feel shy when they get compared to others. This happens in general education because of the grading system and marks are compared.
Some students would feel depressed when they fail to express themselves in a social group. Holistic education ensures that student would get the courage to face an audience with aplomb and would move forward in their life.
The freedom for the children is an important part, and the decision-making process is taught well using this freedom. Students getting the freedom to make choices from younger age would not falter when they are supposed to make a decision at later stages of life, and they do take decisions that meet high standards. Holistic education homework answers would also highlight the freedom of expression of students in a large manner.
Environmental improvement is one aspect that conventional education ignores and holistic education ensures that environment factors are taken into consideration. Students are made to interact with the environment more, and they are given choices of planting a tree or a small shrub and so on. They are taught the value of water conservation, and they are also taught the value of protecting animals.
Holistic education is not against technological advancements, but holistic education ensures that mental connectedness is not ignored at all. The reason is that many people argue that internet chat has reduced the human value in connections and there are less emotional attachments. Holistic education gives importance to the internet but ensures that we do not spend too much time on the internet ignoring ourselves.
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