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Histology is one field of study that is versatile. The microscopic anatomy study of tissues and cells of plants and animals is Histology. It involves examination of cells under a light microscope or an electron microscope. So to simplify things up, histology is basically the scientific study of biological tissues.

Histology is a tool for biology and medicine, but it is also very essential in practice. Histology helps in conducting variousresearches for different projects. Pathologists have trained personnel who perform histopathological examinations. All of these information will be incorporated in our histology homework help.

There are different uses of histology some of which has been described below –

  • Education

Histology is used for educational purposes in laboratories to teach students about the microstructure of plants and animals.

  • Diagnosis

In histology, diagnosis is mainly done for treatment purposes by taking various samples from the host (or patient). The sample is then studied into details for what is to be figured out.

  • Autopsy

To find out the possible cause of death of an animal or a human; biological samples taken and are studied by the experts.

  • Archaeology

Information about the time period and history can be sourced out from the biological cells from archaeological sites.

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