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Here’s How to Wake up While Doing Homework!

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

Are you a student loyal to every teacher on earth? Do you detest homework and school? Don’t you wish there was a way around it and you could just have fun with your friends in school and college without the constant burden of homework or the stress of meeting deadlines? Do you too doze off every time you think of homework? Do you want to know how to wake up while doing homework?
Here’s your ultimate guide so read on.
Homework is the best sleeping pill!
Now you don’t need medicines to put yourself to sleep. You have homework! You agree with this fact, don’t you? Just when you think you’re all prepared to finish your homework that is due tomorrow and you have the entire night ahead of you to finish it, your head hits the table and you’re dreaming about unicorns.
Then how to wake up while doing homework?

  1. Have music in the background

Whether it is a loud rock band, soft instrumental or your favourite pop number on loop. Listening to music will keep you focused on your homework. Any drop in the beats might just wake you up in case you fall asleep.

  1. An empty stomach is a good distractor

Not only will it keep you from concentrating but it will make you want to sleep all the time. So if you’re wondering how to wake up while doing homework or pulling an all-nighter make sure you stay full. Keep having healthy snacks, especially apples. They are known to keep sleep at bay, and work better than caffeine.

  1. Sit with your phone

You probably just gasped upon reading this tip. A distraction in a controlled amount is actually better at helping you finish the work. You can set targets for yourself; for e.g.- after every two pages you can play one small game on your phone. As long as these distractions are short, they will keep your concentrations levels high.

  1. Own a timer

It will be very helpful for keeping your distraction-filled, short break, and short.

  1. Keep things across the room

Some people think this as being highly disorganized but that’s not what it really is. When you have all your things spread across your room you have reason to walk around to collect it all. By doing so, you keep yourself active and you know how to wake up while doing homework.

  1. Don’t yawn

Everyone think yawning means you’re sleepy. While that is true, yawning also means your brain isn’t getting enough oxygen, so it makes you take in a lot of air at once. You have to keep yourself from yawning because it will trick you into thinking you’re sleepy. Stay calm and don’t panic because of your deadline, take deep breaths and keep going.

  1. Have a strong reason

You might start debating with yourself halfway through the night about whether this homework is really that important or you can just take a nap. Now remember, it is very essential which is why you decided to stay up in the first place. Even when you fall asleep while studying, remind yourself that this is important and wake up.

  1. A cool temperature helps

If you’re thinking how to wake up while doing homework, you could keep your windows open to let the cool wind in. It can get cosy when the room temperature is like inside your blanket. Splashing cool water is also very helpful as you must’ve done many times in school.

  1. Avoid the bed

A lot of times you may start studying on your bed because it’s just comfortable there. But it’s really not. You should stay away from the bed if you want to avoid sleeping every ten minutes. Sit at your study table with a good comfortable chair where you can sit erect and stay concentrated.

  1. Avoid daydreaming

Don’t distract yourself by thinking idle thoughts. Since you’re already so tired and it is hard to concentrate, try and keep your mind off any idle thought that might waver your attention. If you stay on the thought train for too long, you could lose track of time and might have to start thinking of excuses for a late homework.
Changing the sleep cycle
If you’re still looking for answers to how to wake up while doing homework, you could change your sleep pattern. A lot of students these days are nocturnal, which means that they work better after the sun sets. A big reason for this is that a number of distractions at night falls by a big number. So you sleep at around 6 or 7 in the evening and wake up at midnight. This ensures you get a six-hour sleep. You can work from 12-5, take a short nap and get ready for school in time.
During the day
If you’re facing difficulty in tackling sleep and homework even under bright sunlight, you needn’t worry. Your question should be how to wake up while doing homework during the afternoon. You’ve had your night time sleep and you’re not even too tired but the mere mention of homework makes your run for the bed.
Take your books and go outside. Sit on the porch, in the garden or at benches in public parks. These natural environments are perfect for you. There is the right amount of light, distraction and cool air. Also, if you’re in a park, you will have that certain level of self-awareness to not doze off.
Make a fun day out of it
Group studies are always helpful when you want to keep yourself from falling asleep. They are also known to be most distracting. But as you may have read above, there are certain tips that can keep you from getting too distracted. Use those when you’re studying with your friends. You can all help each other and maybe even come with new ways on how to wake up while doing homework!
Doing homework can be made really fun and sleep kept at bay if you wish for it to be so.