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Helpful Tips to Get Your Homework Done the Right Way

by Oct 29, 2016Homework Help

Teacher- Show me your homework.
Student- Submits it with fear.
(After few minutes)
Teacher- You have not done it the right way. Is this the way I have taught you to do?
Student- Gets disheartened with a poor grade.
Does the above situation sound familiar to you? Is this an everyday story in your case? Then it’s quite common for you to search for the perfect tips to do homework.
It is true that having homework routine is important. But there are times when after spending hectic hours at school, solving homework gets tiresome. While some simply avoid doing the homework, there are many who do it in a reluctant way which leads to a situation like above. This further leads to poor academic grades.
Solving homework is not only a problem faced by students living in a particular country, but it has now become a worldwide problem. Ever since the inception of formal education, students are suffering in the battle of homework. While some find it difficult to complete their homework as per specified deadlines, there are many who fail to understand the proper way in which a particular homework should be handled.
Considering the fact that many students are facing this problem on a regular basis, we thought of providing some useful tips which will not only ease your homework solving process but even ensure that it is done the way your teacher wants!
Tips to do your homework the perfect way:
Don’t you think that categorizing the tips according to various steps of homework solving process will prove to be more beneficial? Here comes your effective solution-
Step- 1: Preparing for your Homework

  1. Designate a comfortable environment

Choose a study environment where you can be completely comfortable. Ensure that it is airy, gets proper sunlight, and free from disturbance. You need to ensure that the environment doesn’t make you feel sluggish as it may lead to procrastination.
While at home look for areas like a kitchen table, your own room or the dining table. Avoid places which may make you feel lazy. Ensure that the workplace is tidy. In case you are at school, you can get yourself seated at the library.

  1. Gather necessary supplies

Once you find the proper study environment, ensure that you gather necessary supplies at your desk. From necessary equipment like pen, pencils, calculators, rulers to reference books and other necessary study materials, you should have everything ready on your desk from before.

  1. Eliminate sources of distraction

While preparing for your homework, ensure that the place is free from all sorts of distractions like television sets, mobile phones, laptops, etc. This will ensure that you stay focused in your work without any unwanted interruptions.
Step-2: Planning your Homework

  1. Prepare a homework schedule

It is quite natural that you will have loads of homework on every subject which needs to be finished within specific deadlines. The best way to approach is that once you return from school, create a schedule. Divide your entire homework in a way that you allot time to every assignment without compromising your sleep or other activities.

  1. Divide the entire work into small parts

Take one subject at a time and divide it into small parts which make it easy for you to manage the entire workload. For example, if you need to solve your English homework, divide it into various parts. Divide your work as per essays, basic grammar, letter-writing, etc.

  1. Frame a timeline with specific deadlines

Now that you have divided your sections why not assign specific deadlines to it? For example, plan to complete the essay within half an hour, the letter within fifteen minutes and grammar within 10 minutes. This will help you to approach your homework with the right mindset built on specific target.

  1. Avoid procrastination

One of the major causes of poor homework solving is procrastination. Since some projects have late submission deadlines, students have the tendency to postpone their work. This leads to such delay that you remember to solve it only at the eleventh hour. In such a rush, you skip covering major points and do it in a reluctant way.
The best way to deal with this is that start working on such late submission deadlines from beforehand. For example, if you need to write five long answers, start doing one answer daily.
Step-3: Working on it

  1. Start with the most difficult part

When loaded with homework on various subjects, it is always safe, to begin with the assignment of the subject you are most afraid of. Consider starting with your chemistry homework. Now begin with the most difficult part of your chemistry homework. This is because since you remain most energetic during the initial hours of your study, it helps to deal with difficult parts.

  1. Focus on one task at a time

No matter how much the work pressure is, it is always better to have your focus on one task at a time. Avoid multi-tasking and concentrate on a particular homework at a time. For example, while doing the English homework, don’t think of your biology homework. This will hamper your English homework.

  1. Take frequent breaks after small hours

Solving a lengthy homework often gets tiring and boring. The best way to stay focused on such homework is by going for small breaks. Once you complete doing a particular section, take a break of 10 minutes. Refresh your mind by listening to soft music or simply going for a walk at the lawn.

  1. Sit for long study hours

Other than taking breaks you must have a mindset that you need to sit for long study hours. Ask your friends and family not to disturb you during this time. Finish as much homework as possible at a stretch of three-four study hours.

  1. Review your work once you finish

Once you complete your homework, have a quick review. It is always better to go for a revision before submitting it to the teacher. You will notice that there are several silly mistakes which need to be corrected. You may even miss covering a major point!
Step-4: Motivating yourself for effectiveness

  1. Reward yourself for good work

It is always better to motivate yourself. Build a target that once you finish doing a particular sum or exercise, you will reward yourself. Gift yourself a candy or a small snack. This will not only motivate you but even act as an encouragement to perform better.

  1. Make use of free time in school

It often happens that a teacher gets absent or you suddenly get a free period in between classes. Instead of gossiping with your friend about the last night game or about the latest episode of your favorite T.V. series, go to your library and start doing your homework. This will help you to save time for your other homework and activities once you return home.
With these tips ready within reach of your fingertips, don’t you think that homework solving can be easy, interesting and simple too? Use these tips and ensure that you complete your homework just the way your teacher wants! This will definitely increase your grades in exams.