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Help Your Pupils Not to Mention Funny Homework Quotes

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

Parents and teachers are seen to be really worried regarding the future of their kids and students as most of them are not at all compatible with homework and they find it to be very difficult and unnecessary at the same time. To evade the difficulties of homework or other assigned works, they take the support of certain funny homework quotes most often. They are found to yell-
“Mom! I feel overburdened with my homework.”
“Homework? Not again!”
“Homework is really more than a nightmare!”
“Where lies the requirement of doing homework? It’s a wastage of time indeed.”
“I am unable to sit with all my homework. I’m not feeling well right now!”
These funny homework quotes are the outcome of disliking or discomfort. If you are a parent or else a teacher, you must be the regular witness of such sorts of silly situations. In this blog, I am going to portray all such conditions through which the parents and teachers have to go through. Not only that but also I will provide certain points to tackle these situations.
For pupils, these issues become funny enough but in case of teachers and parents, these circumstances are quite serious. After all, they want to help their students in getting bright careers. That’s why they should avoid these funny homework quotes and if you are also an educator or a parent, you are going to pay heed to all the below-discussed issues to earn benefits to your children.
Funny homework quotes: what students are seen to do?
Well, maximum pupils, especially the younger ones are seen to face adversities while doing some of the assigned works. Sometimes, these works are really difficult but sometimes; they seem to act as in a great problem. Some common situations are notable in that case which can be summed-up in the following manner:

  • Most of the educatees pretend to be sick or ill as this is the easiest way to steer clear of the burden of assignments or homework. They put the blame simply on their medical or health conditions. Teachers or parents don’t have anything to say in that case as larger numbers of pupils take the support of this without getting nervous or hesitated.
  • Not only that but also they are seen to make lies regarding the health situations of their close ones. They can be either their relatives or even their parents. Surprisingly, they don’t even feel guilt or their conscience never wake up to stop them. This is absolutely considerable in case of the children but this is actually done by the students of highergradesmostly and that can’t be forgiven. Sometimes, their expression tells every truth and the whole situation becomes embarrassing as well as funny.
  • “Ma’am! My pet has eaten up my works.” or “It is torn by my younger brother.” These are the commonly used lines or funny homework quotes which teachers have to undergo almost daily. But, undeniably, it can be stated that these are nothing but the lame excuses. Educators sometimes take it lightly but most of the times, these justifications bring forth wrath for which pupils have to be punished.

Pupils are seen to forget uprightness and they even fail to recall the line of Mark Twain, where he said, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” Yes, this is quite obvious and that’s why the childish attitudes become funny for the teachers.

  • Another cause which can be mentioned in case of describing all about funny homework quotes is the forgetfulness. This can be placed as an idiosyncrasy in front of the educators. If you are a teacher, you have definitely experienced certain excuses where students are seen to remark that in spite of completing all the assigned tasks, they are unable to show it as they have forgotten to carry it with them.

These points can easily be identified by the teachers or the parents as these are not only common but also trivial ones. Though sometimes, some of these issues become real but most of the times, they are found to be unconvincing. Being a teacher, you may have smiled in your mind but you have to maintain that personality in front of your pupils, right?
However, the tendency to tell lies or making use of certain funny homework quotes can be controlled with the wisdom of teachers as well as parents. Do you want to know what you can do in this regard? Follow the residue part of this post to meet up that query.
How to handle the behaviour of students?
Certain sensible methods or policies can be utilized for injecting interest into the students. These processes would be helpful enough and thus, pupils can do their works without making any poor explanations. To do that, you have to utilize these below-listed things such as:

  • Good environment:

No matter whether you are going to teach a student in the house or in the school, the circumstance should be homework-friendly. Otherwise, pupils will escape their duties and this is quite natural in that case, right?

  • Friendly behaviour:

Teachers or parents should maintain friendly gestures with the children to fetch out work from them. Yes, being a teacher, you have to be amiable with your students. Otherwise, you won’t be capable of taking homework from them most of the times.

  • Balanced load:

Homework is essential but that doesn’t mean to create anoverload. Students will feel suffocated with loads of works and being a teacher or educator; you have to remember that.

  • Proper comprehension:

Perfect understanding is mandatory enough. Otherwise, assignments seem to be difficult. If you are an instructor, it is your duty to clarify your students every detail of the concerned subject by meeting up all their queries.
So, it is clear from the above-disclosed matters that funny homework quotes can be avoided only using these profitable means. After all, “Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.”-Solomon Ortiz.