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What is Material Control?

It is an important aspect of Material management. It is vital for any organization to keep a watch over its resources so that a balance is maintained and the organization has neither more nor less of these. In other words this involves the storing, purchasing and optimal utilization of resources so as to avoid over stocking.

What is the importance of studying Material Control?

  1. To ensure smooth production: With an effective resource management system an organization can ensure that there are no production delays or stoppages due to inadequate materials.
  2. To ensure optimum quality and quantity of resources: With a proper resource management system quality and quantity aspects of materials are under constant check. To produce best end products superior quality of resources are required, thus material management comes into play.
  3. To reduce wastage: It is often observed that a lot of wastage of resources is caused by the poor handling of materials. It leads to wear and tear of products, damaged or broken products. Therefore an effective material management system is required to reduce such damages.

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