Heat Transfer Homework Answers

Heat Transfer Assignment Answers

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When heat is used, exchanged, conversed or generated among different systems, it is called heat transfer. There are several classifications of heat transfer like convection, conduction and radiation. Transfer of heat generally occurs from a body which is at higher temperature to a body with lower temperature which is the direction of flow of heat. More knowledge about heat transfer can be got from links like heat transfer assignment answers.

Heat transfer due to conduction

When heat is transferred due to the agitation of molecules within an object, it is called conduction of heat. In this mechanism, there is no movement of heat from a material. If there is an object that is hot at one end and cool towards the other, then due to conduction of heat, the energy will move from the hotter end towards the cooler end. This transfer happens due to the vibration of the molecules and atoms within an object.

The vibration causes transfer of heat among the atoms. Conduction is a phenomenon that occurs mainly in solids. Details about conduction can be learnt by visiting heat transfer homework answers.

Heat transfer due to convection

The type of heat transfer that is caused due to fluid movement is termed as convection. Convection uses the principle that hot air rises. When a fluid like air becomes hot, its volume increases which results in decrement of its density, this makes the air lighter causing it to rise. The vacuum created is filled by cool air which again becomes hot and the process follows till the heat gets transferred uniformly. This phenomenon is prevalent in liquids and gases. More information on convection can be obtained by checking out heat transfer assignment answers.

Heat transfer due to radiation

The heat transfer that takes place in vacuum or any medium that is transparent in nature is called radiation. The transfer of heat in this phenomenon happens due to the movement of photons that are transferred by waves of electro-magnetic nature. Heat transfer is caused due to fast movement of molecules and atoms. More knowledge about radiation can be obtained by visiting heat transfer homework answers.

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