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Heat exchangers are certain devices recognized to solicit transfer of energy in thermal form among fluids. It is considered one of the most used devices, and transfer of heat as one of the vastly used procedures in the field of Chemical engineering.

About Heat Exchangers
Heat exchangers include simultaneous operations with other components that comprise boilers, condensers and fan coolers. The fundamental principle states that any heat exchanger has two fluids present at two sides of a thick tube. Heat is transferred between the two fluid entities by the process of convection and across the tube walls by the principle of conduction.

At My Homework help, we cater to Heat Exchanger Network Integration Assignment Help for problems, queries and theoretical snippets for both single phase and 2-phase heat exchangers. In the single phase variant, both the fluids – one cooled and other heated, stay in their liquid or gaseous form. In the 2-phase form, fluids ineptly change their phases by the procedure of heat exchange.

Components like chief condenser and steam generator are in 2-phase, heat exchanger categorization. The 1-Phase exchangers are of tube-and-shell type, and the 2-Phae one has an almost similar design and attributes. Apart from the ordinary heat exchanger, there are also other two types, namely Cooling Towers and Regenerators.

Operations We Perform
Our Heat Exchanger Network Integration Assignment Help services are focused at attaining the following:

  • Calculation of Log Mean Temperature difference for a heat exchanger: This is used to resolver a number of systemic heat exchanger troubles. Log Mean Temperature difference (LMTD) needs to be calculated, before one computing net heat elimination from any heat exchanger.
  • Overall Heat Transfer Quotient: At My Homework help, we are accurate in computing the whole/net heat transfer coefficient, abbreviated as UO. The parameter depends on a number of factors like cylindrical and rectangular coordinates, thickness of condenser tube and cross sectional area.
  • Operation, principle and applications pertaining to Regenerative or Non Regenerative Heat Exchanger and Cooling Towers
  • Preparing apt counter flow and parallel designs – Our Heat Exchanger Network Integration Homework Help services comprise construction of heat exchangers. The design for 1-Phase or 2-Phase, efficiency and modes of operation largely depends on the direction in which fluid flows inside any exchanger.

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