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Grignard reaction is an important part of organic chemistry.It was discovered by a chemist of France Named, Francoise Auguste Victor Grignard, for which he was awarded Nobel Prize in the year 1912. It is widely used for conversions from one compound to the other. The chemical that is used for performing this reaction are known as Grignard reagents, which attract electro positive elements to form C-C bonds.

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Grignard reagents are compounds of metal halides with alkyl, aryl or vinyl and in this reaction they acts on compounds with carbonyl group (aldehydes, ketones) and change it to alcohol. The alcohol formed by this reaction has more number of carbon atoms compared to the carbonyl compound used. Do not be confused, and its Grignard reaction assignment helpis there to wipe away all your confusions.


Alcohol is a widely used solvent in organic chemistry. Grignard reaction helps in formation of secondary alcohol and tertiary alcohol. You can find several questions onGrignard reagents and itsusefulness in your homework. If you find it difficult for you, you may get in touch with and its Grignard reaction homework help. Their qualified subject teachers will give you the best teaching about the subject so that your homework will be the super among all.

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