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Great Ways to Boost up Your Little Bookworm

by Oct 25, 2016Homework Solution

Do you have a count of the number of books that you have read in this year? If you are one of those rare bookworms whose count exceeds the fingers on your two hands, you belong to the minority. People mostly read lesser than ten books in a year, and some reports say that around 25 percent of the US citizen does not read any book at all. On a lighter note, as you all know reading is a must for real-life heroes.

  1. Love the habit of reading

There are thousands of reasons that one should read books. But in reality, these reasons are useless until you have a knack to read. Start reading for knowledge or adventure, do not make it another mundane task on your do list. Read for your enjoyment and not because anyone is telling you. To start reading first, modify your mindset.
In this technologically advanced time, people try to click on some links across the computer screen instead of looking for books of their interest. Obviously, this will need more time and effort but will pay you later. You must try to be proactive and not reactive.

  1. Make some scheduled time for reading

If you want to develop a habit seriously, then you must schedule it daily and reading is not an exception. If you have a busy schedule then you can at least spare 15 minutes for reading, not much is asked. You can introduce reading in the early morning routine or maybe devote some time in bed.
Lunch break is another option to read. As avid readers we encourage a daily reading habit but if it not possible for you read on the weekends at least. If still something is holding you back from creating a proper schedule, you can opt for a weekly or daily page count; say for example if you can read an average of 20 to 30 pages in the start it is quite good.

  1. Make book an inseparable accessory that you carry everywhere

Instead of playing those favourite games on the computer try to get hold of the latest tome. You can carry a book, not a heavy one, to any places that you visit.
Sometimes it may happen that you do not find a suitable corner to read the book but most of the other items you will find a little time. You can clear a shelf in the home so you can fill it up with your choice of books and it develops an extra motivation. These few little times that you spend for reading add up.
As humans, we generally retain those things better that we read on paper. But a recent statistics have shown that Kindle owners or e-readers usually read thirty percent more than they read previously.
Also, e-readers read 24 books per year which are higher than the normal average of 15 books in a year. The reason being e-books are less costly and are highly portable. Recently, there are some audio books launched which are quite useful while you are driving.

  1. Reading one book at one time increases your attention

When you try to read multiple books at one time, it may seem to be useful and time-saving at first. But actually this slows down your reading process, and you may not end up finishing certain books, as your concentration gets divided and you may get confused with so many plots in your head.
You will retain less information when dealing with more than one book. So if you read a particular book at a time, your brain will also thank you. To make reading habits just revisit your priorities.
You believe that you are so busy that you have no time to read, but think, how much time you save on if you cut down on the television and internet. You do not have to put a moratorium for other recreations but draw a balance.
Try to read engrossing articles instead of Facebook-stalking your peers or old friends, which is pretty useless at the end. So, next time instead of switching on TV, pick up a book when you are free, and see the difference in your life.

  1. Do not be worried about your budget 

You know a famous physician Erasmus once told, “When I get a little money I buy books, and if any is left I buy food and clothes.” Though this is an unrealistic approach, you must note that reading is not costly in your pocket. Some public libraries with free membership will help you in feeding your habit at zero expense. Do you feel sorry to return your favorite books?
Then take some notes of your favorite parts or can xerox some important pages. As you know online reading is so much cheaper than purchasing paperbacks, so take your pick. One lovely advice is to find a book-buddy having a similar choice and reading speed. Buy different books and then swap them when each of you has finished, double fun at half price.

  1. Make reading a social activity

Reading is not necessarily a secluded activity. You can join a book club, or look out for one that is present in your office. Make a habit of reading to your kids and introduce them to the world of reading and thus create a bookworm of the future.
There are some great social networks where you can log in as a reader. Try having a quiet and safe place to read where there is no one to disturb or hinder your reading. It can be your bedroom, dining room early morning or the local coffee shop. Unless you are the luckier ones who can read anywhere irrespective of the noise, select a haven for reading.
If you are missing on reading books, you are not exploring the huge repository of knowledge that is offered to you, and to be a real-life Superhero, you must use this important tool. These are some steps to boost your reading habit and nurture the bookworm in you.