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What is gravitation?
Everything in the universe attracts each other because of a natural force called gravitation. Gravitation even helps, to attract stars, planets, light, atomic and sub-atomic particles, etc. This force has created spheres of hydrogen, ignited them to form stars and even grouped them into separate galaxies. So basically it is because of gravitation this universe has been formed. It is only because of gravity that thermal energy has been formed. In absence of thermal energy, all particles would have been with equal spaces. Gravity is reason why all physical objects on earth have their own weight. Tides are also caused due to gravitation.

There are several theories that physics students have to study while learning about gravity. One such theory is Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity where gravity has been described. Law of gravitation by Newton is another such theory. Out of the four fundamental interactions, gravity is the weakest. Gravitational force is 38 orders of magnitude weaker than the strong force, 36 orders of magnitude weaker than the electromagnetic force and 29 orders of magnitude weaker compared to the weak force. In order to learn more about gravitational force theory and to know more facts and applications about it, seek assistance from Gravity Assignment Help team.

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