Understanding the Fundamentals of Gravitation

What is Gravity?

Gravity is something that has existed since the dawn of time; it is one of the fundamental forces of energy that has made our planet and universe habitable. Gravity is a natural force of nature that pulls the Earth to the sun, the moon to the Earth. Everything from the stars, light, galaxies and sub atomic particles are attracted to each other because of gravity. Finding gravitation homework help is not a difficult task, however, make sure that you find informative help that teaches you about the technical and fundamental aspects of gravity.

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History of Gravity

Once you find the right kind of gravitation homework help, you will see that there are many niche areas that you know need to know about. This includes the history of gravity, its relation to the theory of relativity, the force of gravity in regards to the earth and other such areas. It is important to understand this as simply and clearly as possible.

  • Galileo Galilee was the first to begin work on the theory of gravity. He conducted a number of experiments as simple as dropping balls from the tower of Pisa, and having similar balls roll down various inclines. He concluded that all objects have the same acceleration in relation to gravity. Galileo greatly contrasted Aristotle’s theory that heavier objects fall with a much faster acceleration, but he also justified that this might possible in the atmosphere because of air resistance. He created the foundation for all future experiments and theories.
  • Newton had his own law of gravity that stated that every object or particle attracted other objects and particles using a force directly proportional to their masses but it is also, sometimes, inversely proportional to the distance between them when the distance is squared. This will be one of the main focus points as you go through the gravitation assignment help.
  • According to the theory of relativity gravity is less a force of nature and more a result of space-time curvature. He proposed that space-time is made of multiple straight lines known as geodesics but they are curved by mass. This exerts a pressure on objects when they move away from a geodesic.

Physics is a difficult and complicated subject to study, it is important that you find a tutor or study centre that offers you sufficient gravitation homework help. The topic should be explained in simple terms and easy to remember points.

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