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The theory of learning curve was first introduced by famous psychologist Herman Ebbinghaus during the19th century. The learning curve is to determine the working efficiency of the worker in an industry within a certain period of time.

It depicts how fast a worker learns its work; it is also used to determine the output during a certain period of time. It shows how the worker improves its performance with time. Visit to know more. With our manuals as graphical learning curve homework help, you can get a complete idea.

In the case of every job, the worker is initially trained or supervised under a trainer to gain the required skills for performing the necessary task. The ability to adapt with these methods is also considered here, initially, the worker will gain speed with learning, but gradually the rate of improvement will be slow.

Use of learning curve

The learning curve is helpful in directing products that are defective, labor etc.According to graphical learning curve homework help, the learning curve is very effective as it gives a relation between the experience of the worker and efficiency.

In the field of microeconomics,learning curve is also known as cost curve, experience curve, and productivity curve as it provides information about all the aspects of the organization or company.

Graphical Representation

In the learning curve graph, the x denotes the output, and the vertical y axis is used for measuring per unit cost. A well efficient worker of the company will have the quality to reduce per unit cost over time. 80% learning curve is a standard learning curve which is applicable for all activities; steep learning curve denotes that there are more quality and well efficient worker in a company where as easy learning curve denotes that the workers in the company are less efficient.

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An example of the high learning curve is in medical schools. There you start to study for along period of time, and after that, you need to practice for several numbers of years before becoming a doctor, and then you earn a good amount of money after becoming a doctor.

What are the benefits of graphical learning curve assignment help

  1. Company can closely keep a track on employees income per hour
  2. Learning curve helps in cost saving of the organization
  3. Learning curve is also used by the organization in case of production planning

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