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Governance has a crucial role to play for the success of any organization, even when it comes to strategic choices. Our governance issues homework help can be useful to you if you have an assignment or homework on the concerned topic. You can learn about the responsibilities and duties that the board of directors have and what the principles of good governance are.

Board of directors

Board of directors are a group of people who are elected by the ownership of a corporation. They are elected for guiding and having an oversight over management. They also look out for the interests of the shareholders.


The act of direction and oversight performed by the board of directors is known as governance. The definition of governance is very important in regard to governance issues assignment help. It can be defined as the characteristic to ensure the establishment of long term strategic plans and objectives. It also ensures proper management structure for achieving those objectives. All this is done while making sure the structure functions for maintaining the integrity, responsibility and reputation of the corporation.

Duties and responsibilities

The board of directors are often held accountable for the performance of the entire firm. This itself shows the broad scope of responsibility that is on shoulders of the board of directors.

  • Controlling management and having an oversight over it
    • Selecting the CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
    • Provide a forum to the CEO
    • Sanction the team of the CEO
    • Ensure competency of management
    • Evaluate the performance of the management
    • Set the salary levels of the management, along with the fringe benefits
    • Audit continuously, thus assure integrity of management
    • Charting corporate course
    • Advising and revising management policies
  • Adhering to legal prescriptions
    • Staying updated with new laws
    • Making sure legal prescriptions are fulfilled by the entire organization
    • Passing bylaws and regulations related to it
    • Approving capital budget
    • Selecting new directors
  • Considering the interests of stakeholders
    • Monitoring quality of product
    • Reviewing labour policies
    • Improving the environment for the customers
    • Maintaining a good image in public
  • Advancing rights of the stockholders
    • Preserving equity of stockholders
    • Providing protection against equity dilution
    • Declaring proper dividends

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