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Getting the Correct Education Is All About the Correct Attitude

by Sep 3, 2016Assignment Help

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” By Martin Luther King, Jr.
Education is a multi-layered word. Almost everyone has their own definition, opinion or perspective about it. Going by its basic meaning it denotes “a process of receiving training/ process of learning”, and holds significance in our society. But does edification only mean undergoing school, college, university curriculum? The famous above-mentioned quote by Martin Luther King,Jr. suggests that education has wider dimensions that can enrich people’s inner character. When education gifts an individual with character and intelligence, other than the basic know-how on life, that’s when individuals develop the correct attitude in life.
Academics vs Education

This is one of the most talked about topic focusing on significance and impact of right schooling. Almost 60% of common mass believes getting quality academic training is synonymous to having great education. It’s true, our basic academic subjects like grammar, literature, history, mathematics, social sciences and many others do help in forming thebasic structure of our learning. But our learning in the real sense is not complete until we take a step forward from what we have been taught.
For instance, a student can be excellent in history. He/she can be scoring remarkably well in school/college on this subject thereby getting anexcellent academic result. But his/her education in history isn’t complete or not developed, ifhe/she is not touched by the subject and pursues it at personal capacity. Remembering dates when Christopher Columbus made his discoveries or when Moses climbed Mount Sinai will fetch good marks.
But delving deep on Columbus’s endless zest, conviction and exploring spirit will allow candidatesto exercise other mental faculties like thinking, wondering, imagining and analyzing. This might help the candidate discover something about him/her, for instance love for traveling or coming home to a hobby of collecting stamps or any ancient relics. Education is what happens once you’ve closed yourtext bookand have started dwelling on lessons learned through life experienced. This is what renders one erudition and depth, making the person stand out from ones who haven’t gone this extra mile.
This deep delving naturally gift candidates with principles, perspectives of his/her own! Else the student in his/her grown up years becomes a mere shadow of what has already been taught by programmed structure.
How Right Education Help in Developing Correct Attitude?

Education refines an individual’s thinking process. A person that has not just studied what he has been asked to but also explored what his mind suggested him, is the one who is well equipped to live life with positive mind frame.

  • Education renders an individual with “inner education” that in turn makes one smart, confident and able. This person approaches life with matured and grounded attitude, instead of revolting, criticising or disapproving things around him.
  • Education makes an individual humble. Humility is one of the greatest virtues of mankind. A well-educated person knows that though his “knowledge” is something that he’s earned with his dedication, experience yet this is something that any other person can also attain. Hence, this person walks through life with the realization that every person is unique and there is nothing about which one should be proud of.
  • Truly educated beings know that there is no end to learning. Man is an incomplete canvas. It is in this incompletion lies greatest chances of development and progress. Education makes an individual well-turned out on certain aspect and also develops in him the attitude to learn more and be better than what he was yesterday.
  • Education makes one seek knowledge than mere degrees. This means, a person with correct grooming, training will be learning from every abstract and concrete thing around. The way mathematic teaches him various formulas in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry similarly nature teaches him how to exercise patience and benevolence.
  • Students that have grown up with a correct attitude all through their schools know that competition is partially beneficial. This is why they choose a career sphere that interests them than what is recommended by others. These days educational help comes easy as they can avail homework help from reputed professional agencies who have a huge pool of specialized writers working on the assignments of students, charging nominal rates.

Parents and Child Learning

The process of learning for every person starts at childhood. Our formative years are between 0 – 13 years when a child develops some intrinsic core values and patterns. Therefore, it is crucial for parents of children to understand that whilst a discipline will help children in developing positive practices, but when done excessively this can stunt a child’s inner growth.
It has been proved that human from the time they are born can educate themselves on finer aspects that helps them move towards a formal education that complements their real nature. Parents thus need to arrive at a balance of practicing formal and inner education for their children. If parents do no throw light on how to keep away negative thoughts while studying to their children, they will be kept in the dark for long which is not a feasible option.
Are You Exercising Your Education Well?

Asking this question can alter your life! Sometimes it questions beliefs you’ve held for years which are not your own. However, it’s always beneficial to seek within and receive clarity. If you are interesting in understanding whether you are using your education correctly in life, ask the following questions to yourself:

  • Do I have a balanced mindset?
  • Are most of my beliefs in life myself?
  • Am I comfortable in stepping out of comfort zone?
  • Is my attitude to any new learning a closed or open?
  • Can I accept my mistakes?
  • Do I voice my thoughts with confidence?
  • Where do my fears come from?
  • What subject resonated with me in my academic years?

Often people think that once they are out of a routine academic schedule, education is over! Whereas your real education starts once you’ve stepped out of programmed academic set-up. Stepping out in theworld is what challenges your beliefs that formal education has given you. True education is always a blend of what you’ve learned and what life is teaching you. That develops an able attitude to move through life successfully.