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Get the Best Tips on Online Essay Writing from Expert Teachers

by Sep 13, 2016Test Help

Essay writing is the least fun part of any examination. Under pressure, it’s difficult to think of a story or topic via which you can express yourself eloquently. In some schools and institutions, writing essays are a part of regular curriculum. In this case, essays tend to be more technical and require more focus and precision.
Essays written during examinations are simply to test the student’s creativity, grammar and syntax. Either way, the struggle to compose an effective essay that earns good grades is something that can now be avoided. Below are a few of the best tips for writing essays from expert teachers!
How to structure your essay

  • Introduction

As many teachers have said before, this is the most important part of any essay. This is a good area to state objectives of an essay and the give professors a general outline of your topic and areas that will be covered. An introduction offers a first impression and sets the tone for the rest of your writing. Being able to formulate your thoughts into a concise yet informed manner in an introduction allows the teacher to gauge your command over language and your own thoughts.
A lot of your grades can be earned from the introduction because it is from this that teachers understand the amount of effort and time that has been put in.

  • Body of the Essay

In this section all your information is to be placed. Divide the body of your essay into multiple paragraphs. This will help with formatting and it will be easier to read and understand. Segregating different points into individual paragraphs gives essays a proper structure and this makes it simpler to follow the train of thought and flow of action that you are aiming for. Here, place all your explanations and examples.
When it comes to essays, using fillers and unnecessary sentences seems easy but it takes away from the quality of the essay. Even with a quick read through an essay, it is easy to identify a lack of concrete information and an abundance of superfluous words. Doing so will force the teacher to deduct marks for incomprehensibility and lack of details or facts.

  • Conclusion

Conclusions of essay are as important as introductions. A conclusion is a clear end to the argument that is placed in the body. A well written conclusion will also fetch plenty of marks. This shows accuracy and clarity of thought and the ability to express yourself in the best possible way. It should be short, simple and to the point. It is meant to round up all the points earlier stated in a compact manner.
What to do before writing your essay

  • Pick a Topic

If you’re professor hasn’t already assigned a topic then there is just a little more work to be done. Being able to pick your own topic can be beneficial. You will be able to write about something you are familiar with; the context and information, will ideally, be more substantial than if you were to write about a subject that you didn’t understand clearly.
If you’re having trouble finding an appropriate topic feel free to experiment. This will also show you academic and research acumen when put in new situations.

  • Research

This is the most important part to writing a paper. Do sufficient research so that you’re not placing irrelevant information or points throughout your essay. The more facts and details you have, the easier it will be to write the essay. It will also assist in formulating a plan of action while building an interest in the subject.
Once you have all your points in place, determining the point or argument that you want to put forward will become simpler. This is one of the most important points to keep in mind even when you get effective tips from teachers to do economics homework easily.

  • Determine an Outline

If you really want to develop the essay with great care and clarity then draw an outline based on research that has been done. A plan of action is as important as the information placed in an essay. This will help in the development of structure. Pick and choose points to be placed in the introduction, individual paragraphs of the body and how to end with the conclusion. This pattern will make it easy to understand and follow the thought process that has been undergone in the writing of a project.

  • Refrain from Procrastination

Essays hardly ever seem daunting till the last moment. In order to revise, make necessary changes and alter parts that need alteration, it is crucial to start early. Do not leave research and writing the essay till the last moment. It will only result in a haphazardly written essay with most of the important points missing.

  • Ask for Assistance

If you are endeavouring to write but are unable to understand the topic, finding significant details or with structuring your essay then do not hesitate to ask for help from teachers, friends or a tutor. At the very least, it is possible to find assistance online for every problem that crops up.
Other Points to Keep in Mind

  • Read and write. For proper flow of sentences and thoughts, read what you have already written and then progress towards the next sentence or point that you want to make.
  • Link paragraphs with appropriate facts so that there it does not disrupt the flow and isn’t confusing to read.
  • While there may be a number of ideas that you would like to include, try and stick to one idea and elaborate on that, specifically.
  • Grammar and syntax are important. Do not constantly change tones, tense and situations as this will only make it complex and uneven.
  • If you are unable to be clear in explanations, use examples. This is the best way to define something that is uncertain or unclear.
  • Stick to the word count or page number. This is extremely important. Anything too far above or below given word counts will result in deduction of marks.
  • Do not deviate from the point that you are trying to make with too much unnecessary detail.
  • While there may be some divergence occasionally, try and link points together and focus on the topic so that teachers do not lose track of what is meant to be said.
  • Take time out for planning and preparation before writing.
  • Read as much as possible so that there is a fair idea of how essays are written and topics are easier to think of.
  • Write as often as possible as well. This will help hone your skills and develop better technique.

There are many online essays writing services as well that can aid with any problems that you run into. Refer to these points whenever attempting to write an essay for class.