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Get Some Effective Solutions When Students Not Doing Homework

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

A very common problem of the teachers and the parents is that their students are not doing their homework properly. Teachers have always this objection that their students are listening to them and they are not obedient. They think that if pupils do not do their home, they cannot learn the subject properly. Teachers give tasks to the pupils so that they can improve their skill in the topic and can get good score in their exams. But, students are not interested in this process. Tutors want to know why students not doing homework.
I am a teacher and I have the responsibility to prepare my students for their career. So, it is very natural that I have to give homework to them and expect that they will do it. I have also experienced such situation that my students do not obey by words and they do not attain homework. In this situation, I have tried to find out the reasons and some solutions that can influence them to do their tasks. I also had this query why students not doing homework.
Why students not doing homework?
I have found many reasons behind this problem I have come to know why they do not want to do their tasks.

  • Boringness:

Students do not find interest in their tasks. It becomes very boring to them. Students always do not feel the same energy and interest to do their tasks regularly. They also want to spend their time for other purposes. Another thing is that they are following the same process of making the homework from their childhood.

  • Do not understand:

Sometimes, students do not understand their subject matter and they do have the clear idea of the main text. Because of this they cannotthey cannot write the proper answers of all questions. It reduces the interest of them in the subjects. There are many difficult topic that are very complicated to understand and in this case pupils do not do their homework.

  • They forgot:

Pupils sometimes forget to complete their tasks. They spend their time with games and many others that makes them forget about doing the homework.

  • Time management:

This is a very common excuse that students say to the teachers and they cannot complete the tasks because they did not get enough time to do that. They do not know how to manage the time. They enjoy their occasions, they attend tuitions classes of other subjects, they engage themselves in extracurricular activities and they do not do the homework. They do not know how to manage all these activities together and how to do their tasks.
There are some others reasons that I want to discuss.
These are:

  • Pupils do have the proper materials that are needed to present all the answers.
  • They focus on their own self studies.
  • They do not understand the value of making the assignments.
  • Students do not get proper place where they can complete their task.
  • They do not have the habit of doing their task daily.

How to motivate students to do their homework:
After realising and knowing the fact why students not doing homework, I have found out some solution that will help teachers to influence their students for making their homework.

  • Make the matter interesting:

Students do not want to do their tasks because they do found any kind of interest in their matter, so it is the responsibility of the teachers to present the task in a way that can create interest for the students.
For doing this, you can tell them to make projects with some practical instances. You can arrange a competition where all students have to participate and this competition will be based on various subjects where students have to tell the answers of questions. If anyone asks me that students not doing homework, I tell them to make the process more interesting.

  • Solve their doubts:

Students say that they failed to do their task because they found their subject matter difficult so they could not write the answers. For solving this situation, you have to clear their all doubts and confusion related to the subject before give them homework. You also have to provide all the necessary materials that they need at the time of preparing the tasks.

  • Influence them:

As a teacher, this is your responsibility to increase the interest of the students in your subject and influence them by saying the value and important of studying and doing homework. You have to do the work of motivator. It will help to improve their career. Teachers have to motivate their students in a way so thatthey can understand the necessity ofhomework.

  • Proper process of time management:

You have to suggest your students how to make a proper plan to do all the assignments. You can make a schedule for them. You are experienced and mature so you know how to manage everything but they are not. So, it is very natural they cannot make a perfect plan for them. When other teachers tell me students not doing homework, I suggest them to make proper plan for them.

  • Help to make a habit:

Students should make a habit of preparing the assignments regularly. It will help them to concentration the homework and studies. If they have to make a habit, they have to do their tasks every day at a fixed time. It helps keep the concentration in the studies.

  • Perfect atmospheres:

Students need a perfect calm place where they can do their all tasks properly. If they do not get such a place they cannot concentrate on their studies. So, teachers should advise to the parents that they should arrange a place where students cannot get disturbance and they can do their work peacefully.
This is not good that always teachers will claim that students not doing homework. They have to find out the reasons behind this and they should make the process interesting so that pupils want to do their tasks. Teachers should help them to understand the need of the homework.