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Geothermal Energy Process Homework Answers – The One of Its Kind Brainstorming Approach

by Jun 15, 2017Accounting

What is energy? You have learnt in your Physics class that energy is something which neither can be created nor destroyed. This means energy can just be converted from one form to the other.

From the birth of a planet to death of an organism, energy plays its role directly or indirectly. In between is the artificial world which is artistically constructed by the mankind. This includes our homes, schools, offices, vehicles, and machinery.

These constructions mainly need energy in the form of electricity to fulfill our living conditions.And, this electrical energy is generated through many kinds of other energies like hydroelectric energy, solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy and fossil fuels energy.

I haven’t included one form of energy in the paragraph above and that is geothermal energy. So, today I am specifically elaborating on geothermal energy which is the only form of energy available in abundance miles below the surface of the Earth.

You can get a clear understanding of geothermal energy process homework answers by having a careful reading on this bit of information.

Introduction to the Geothermal Energy

The crust of the earth consists of radioactive elements such as isotopes of uranium, thorium and potassium. These elements constantly undergo a reaction called radioactive decay through which huge amount of heat is released. Due to this the temperature of the crust ranges from 100° to 1000° Celsius as you keep moving deeper into the earth’s crust.

Inner to the crust is the core, which is the center of the earth. Here the temperature elevates to around 4200° Celsius. The intense temperature pressurizes the rocks to melt. The melted version of the rock is known as ‘magma’. The magma (because it’s a liquid) is pushed up towards the surface with a thrust resulting in eruption of volcanoes.

On the other hand you know that along with these rocks, metals and non-metals, water is also present. Consequently, the high temperatures heat up the water. This boiling water is forced up to the surface through vents in the form of hot springs and geysers.Substantially,the heat energy is released outwards through these processes (geothermal process). This heat energy is referred as the ‘geothermal energy’.

How Geothermal Energy Is Used?

By far you’ve understood how geothermal energy generates naturally. But how do we put this energy into use so that our society gets benefitted?

At the outset, entire earth produces geothermal energy. But, there are very few places from where the energy can be used up. These places are used to build up geothermal power plants. The plants exploit the heat energy coming out on the surface to generate electricity.

There are three different plants set up to produce electricity. They are:

  • Dry Steam Power Plant –

The dry steam is oldest method of harnessing geothermal energy. Here the steam coming out of the geothermal reservoirs is made to drive the turbine. Turbine in turn, induces the generator to produce electricity.

  • Flash Steam Power Plant –

The part of process involved in flash steam is a repeated cycle just like the water cycle you’ve studied in your elementary school. A long pipe is drilled down to reach the geothermal reservoirs. The water at a temperature of 148°C to 371°C is taken up by these pipes. Some amount of water in the form of steam drives the turbines to eventually produce electricity. The left over steam is precipitated back to water and directed down to geothermal reservoirs.

  • Binary Cycle Plant –

In this plant the water is at a moderate temperature. With the help of a heat exchanger, the heat of the water is passed to a secondary fluid like isobutene. Isobutene has a lower boiling point than water. As a result, when heat is exchanged with isobutene, it turns into steam and drives the turbine to generate electricity.

Importance of Geothermal Energy Process

More than 50% of the world’s energy production is based on the energy derived from fossil fuels like coal and petroleum. This is tragically threatening the green environment. The emissions of green house gases are increasing global warming.

To combat this problem it has become inevitable to switch to the usage of environment friendly geothermal energy process. But there are some limitations of putting the geothermal energy into use.

To learn about its limitations, advantages and sources, get online with the Physics experts.

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Significance of Studies

I would like to give just a piece of advice before I end this article. It is true that excelling in your studies is very important for your next level of academics and ultimately your career. But, don’t see the studies, your textbooks and exams as just means of getting to the peak of your career life.

Outside your career and ambitions there’s the beautiful world, the natural world, waiting for a helping hand. Global warming, environmental pollution, melting of icebergs is posing real danger to the planet. Understand these nature’s creations just like the geothermal energy and do your bit for the earth.