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What is security (finance)?

Securities are investments that have monetary value and can be traded. They include a large number financial instruments such as bonds, debentures, certificate of deposit, call, straddle, stocks, mutual funds, etc. It helps in owning the assets without taking its possession. They do not include any form of real money, i.e., currency or any bill of exchange. It has a limit of nine months for its maturity at the time of insurance. Thus securities help in generating new revenue for the company’s operation. The laws for securities are set upon traders by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Securities can be classified as follows:

  1. Debt securities – These securities consist of bonds and debentures.
  2. Equity securities – These securities consist of common stocks and bonds. They help in selecting and guiding you to buy stocks of a company or buy shares of a mutual fund.
  3. Derivatives securities – These securities consist of forwards, futures, and options. These are mainly based on the value of the bonds or other financial assets. They give higher returns compared to buying the asset.

What are the general principles in the sale of securities?

Here is list of few general principles in the sale of securities-

  • All the same class security holders must be treated
  • All holders of relevant securities must be informed.
  • Announcements of offers should be made
  • Consideration of offer must have sufficient, relevant information and advice.
  • Maintaining a good standard of accuracy in documents relevant to the security holder.
  • Must be careful about a false market.

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