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Every time, we come across different and complicated words in the textbooks we have to turn to class mate or friend or teacher. When you are studying you must have felt this what we all felt in education years. Learning about Economics requires tons of help from mentors who does not only know better but, explain better in a way that you will never forget the fundamental ever in life. We understand your problems, and here we are with general equilibrium and economic homework help to solve your queries related to Economics, Microeconomics and general equilibrium.

As general equilibrium is a complex topic with lots of details, we will cover the essential fundamental knowledge and help you with the exams so that you can build your knowledge adding on top of fundamental knowledge.

What is the theory of General Equilibrium?

The French economist Leon Walras was the inventor of the theory of General Equilibrium. As the name suggests, Leon explained the functions of economics in general or in a whole rather than treating as a singular phenomenon. The name says it all. The general equilibrium is the generalization about the economic functions. It does not analyze the specific markets.

Also, the partial equilibrium called Marshellian is known for investigating specific functions of Economics. General Equilibrium by The French economist Leon Walras stays in contradiction of Marshallian partial theory.

Why was GE theory initiated and written by Leon Walras?

There was a lack of balance in the supply and demand chain. All the Economist were following partial equilibrium theory to explain the provision with the request of an individual market. It will never be the same for all markets. Leon saw the necessity to bring general equilibrium for all the markets as per our general equilibrium and economic assignment help experts.

On the contrary, General Equilibrium and Economic assignment help say it may not be possible to set the balance of supply and demand for all the markets on similar time.

What is the use of G E theory by author Leon Walras?

General equilibrium and economic homework help say the theory of general equilibrium showed how and why all the marketplace tended towards the equilibrium. But, ironically no one was able to reach the desired balance of supply and demand.

In the year of 1989, these words were written by Leon Walras,

“The market is like a lake agitated by the wind, where the water is incessantly seeking its level without ever reaching it.”

Leon believed that any market that wants to be in equilibrium had achieved it if all the market places are in equilibrium.

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