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Finance has many parts and one such part consists of international finance. International finance deals with the monetary relationship between two or more countries. It forms an important part of economics as well and is also known as financial economics. It looks into the overall financial condition of the nation, balance of payment problem and exchange rate problems, etc. So to get a clear knowledge of these problems and their solution it is necessary that you take GDR’s homework help.

Homework is very important in a student’s life especially for a subject like financial economics because there are many changes in the exchange rate and BOP that affects the economy. Homework will allow the student to how to deal with these changes so that it has a positive impact on the economy. is here to provide GDR’s assignment help to the students so that they can excel in this particular topic at least.

What do you mean by GDR?                                                 

GDR means global depository receipt that a depository bank issues so that it can purchase foreign shares and deposit the receipt in their bank. It is also known as international depository receipt as the receipt is deposited in the foreign banks. These kinds of deposit receipts are based on the American deposit receipt.

What does GDR used for?

GDR is a receipt which is used to show the number of foreign shares that a country owns. These shares are used by investors of a developing market to invest it in the developed markets. Foreign depositary receipts are always charged on the basis of its value. But sometimes it is also charged independent of the value of shares. GDR also acts like a useful instrument which is used to avail investors of foreign countries. Thus in order to understand the usefulness and working of GDR properly it becomes necessary for a student to take up GDR’s homework help.

What are the Characteristics of GDR?

  • It is a type of security which is unsecured.
  • Receipts can be easily converted into foreign shares.
  • Foreign agencies charge Interest in these receipts in public.
  • It is also used in stock exchange market.

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