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Understanding the concept of Gaussian surface

Starting from the very basic concept, Gaussian concept of surface implies a closed surface area within the given 3-dimensional space, which helps in further calculation of the flux of the vector field.  Keeping in tune with the Gauss’s law, this is taken to be an arbitrary closed domain, and placed in terms of magnetic/electric or gravitational field.

To ease this process of calculating the surface integral – the Gaussian concepts of surfaces are chosen appropriately so that multiple symmetries of a situation can be exploited in the best possible manner.

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‘Wrong concepts’ can lead to a host of issues

The concept of Gaussian surface is no mean feat, and there are multiple issues that students may face.

  • Problems associated with flux produced in the electric field when spherical surfaces are considered.
  • Students face problems regarding infinity concepts when spherical Gaussian external scenario is considered.
  • The pillbox associated with concepts of Gaussian theory can also create problems for students.

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