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Economics remains a tremendously popular subject. And that’s because it has important applications. And one part of this subject that is very useful is the Game Theory. It is a theory that entails reasoning. It tries and studies game players. So this theory understands the motives of players who want profits. And it also analyses interdependence since other players are involved too. This theory has special case called perfect information. And you can seek games with perfect information assignment help from us.

Perfect information

Perfect information is not just a special case of game theory. It has a lot to do with sequences. Also, it depends on simultaneous games. This concept is actually amazing for studying strategies of punishment.

Now what does this term mean at all? Perfect information is a condition. It’s a condition where there’s no change in information. So the same information that’s available to players at the start is same throughout. And it is available at the end of the game too.

A fantastic example of it is chess. Here opponent can watch every move you make. So you have perfect information. You know what moves players are making.

Imperfect information

Imperfect information is the opposite case. Here players can’t control anything. Therefore you need to make decisions together. So the player needs to analyse all possibilities. Here while making a decision you need to think of all outcomes. Information is hidden here. Card games are great examples. These terms can get a bit confusing. Thus it is useful to seek games with perfect information homework help from us.

Chain store game

Now to have a more analytical point of view, let’s consider an example. Here we take the example of a chain store game. A chain store is in a city. It’s like any other business. And thus it will have potential competition. That’s what happens in a game too.

  • Suppose potential competition B decides to enter market.
  • It depends on B’s decision what chain store A decides to do. It can resist competition. Or it can accommodate.
  • In case A fights back, profits for both will be (0,0).
  • If there’s accommodation by A, then profits will be (2,2).
  • And in case B doesn’t enter, profit will be (5,1). Obviously A has profit 5.

These things are not easy to grasp on first attempt. So it’s best to get some help. Professional games with perfect information assignment help are really useful for students at

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