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When it comes to decision making and strategy, game theory is a really important concept. It studies the mathematical models of interaction between individuals or organization. The interaction can be based on cooperation, conflict and negotiations. If you are looking for game theory homework solutions, you can get them at We have experts on game theory who can help you out.

Game theory essentially studies the decision making of people in competitive situations. While making their decisions, people consider the action of their competitors as well. That is why game theory is considered as study of strategic decisions. Our tutors have great knowledge on the topic, so they are definitely well suited to assist students.

Applications of game theory

The applications of game theory can be found in economics, contract theory, psychology and sociology. It even has indirect applications in fields like engineering, computer science and information technology. Its applications in different fields of studies are done for understanding the reason behind a specific decision of an individual. It also studies the effect a decision has on others. You can ask for game theory homework solutions from our expert tutors and learn more about the topic.

Game theory isn’t simply about games. The techniques and concepts of game theory is applicable to non-game activities as well. It is called gamification. In fact, game theory can be used for any situation involving two individuals having to make decisions. The decisions come with their own consequences and rewards. The main objective is to find whether there is a certain strategy best suited for the game.

Situations covered by game theory

The situations considered as “games” can be simple small group or personal encounter. It can even be confrontations among corporations. In your game theory assignment solutions, you might have to determine an optimal strategy for a confrontation or situation. While finding optimal strategy, certain factors have to be kept in mind. These include maximizing gains for an individual, maximizing probability of success, minimizing losses or risks, inflicting damage on adversaries, etc.

One excellent example where game theory can be applied is poker. That is because the strategy of each player is influenced by what other players choose. Choices like raising or folding and bluffing are all dependent on actions of other players. With our game theory homework solutions, we cover different situation where game theory is applicable. These include:

  • Prisoners’ Dilemma:

This is a classic hypothetical situation that best exemplifies game theory. The situation represents a choice between mutual interest and self-interest. It involves two prisoners, who are given the choice of either confessing or staying silent. Their fate depends on the other prisoner’s decision as well. The prisoners might refuse to cooperate, even though their best interest lies in doing so.

  • Zero sum:

You might be required to find game theory assignment solutions on zero sum situations. These situations involve an individual winning something only if the other participating individual loses it. Gambling and poker fall into the category of such situations.

  • Coordination game:

In such games, the individuals benefit only if they cooperate. The individuals have no incentive for cheating as the outcome would be worse in that case. An example could be following the traffic rules.

  • Tragedy of the Commons or the Free Rider Problem:

In such cases, the individuals try to get the best benefit out of a specific resource. This harms others as they are no longer able to get the benefits. Pollution is a great example of such problems.

  • Nash equilibrium:

Assignment problems on Nash equilibrium are quite common. Students often struggle with game theory assignment solutions on these problems as it requires a clear understanding. It relates to an optimal outcome wherein the players don’t have any incentive in deviating for a said strategy.

  • Principal-Agent Problem:

This situation involves an individual, the agent, makes decision for another individual, the principal. Usually, in such situations, the agent prioritizes his own interest rather than that of the principal. Such scenarios are quite evident in politics.

Cooperation in game theory

In game theory, there are tow parallel lines- cooperative and non-cooperative game theory. Cooperative games allow binding of pre-play agreements. Thus, it studies formation of contracts and coalition. However, in modern game theory, non-cooperative games hold more prominence. This is because it is based on the perspective of an individual. The choice of strategy of players is not enforced. Whether you have questions on cooperative or on non-cooperative game theory, you can get game theory homework solutions from us.

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